An Award from an All-Around Wonderful Blogger

I received the All Around Wonderful Blog Award. I received the award from someone who had just received the All Around Wonderful Blog Award. It was my friend over at Mama’s Empty Nest who recently and deservedly was the recipient of the All Around Wonderful Blog Award. Astonishingly, she in turn passed the award on to me in this post Wow!

I am so very grateful. You see, I am just a tutor, writer, wife, and mom. So many people in the world have accomplishments on a grand scale. I am just out here in AZ posting my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and hopes for a brighter tomorrow. I am touched that she found my blog worthy of this award. She and I discovered each other’s blogs not that long ago. She is already an inspiring friend and joyful companion in this wonderful world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you aren’t following her blog yet, you should :-).

The awards I have received recently warm my heart. They bring a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Not because they make me feel like I can now be a showoff and strut around. That is so far from the truth that I don’t even have words for it. Instead it lets me know that I am not alone. Between the awards and the ongoing stream of comments from people reading my blog–well  we are all one gigantic linked chain of love. Guess what? The long ago Kumbayah years have reigned victorious after all.

Now: the rule is that I am to give this award to 3 bloggers that I follow and believe deserve this award. That is the HARD part—because I want to give it out to a LOT of bloggers. So, please know that I wanted to give it out to ALL the blogs I follow and love. As I searched the blogs I follow, if I noticed that you don’t put blog badges on your sidebar I took that to mean that you prefer not to receive the awards. I took that into consideration in making my short list. Anyone that needs guidance on putting badges in your sidebar, by the way, click on my Awards and Badges button in my header. There is an awesome, easy-to-follow link there.

That being said, here are the blogs that I am passing the award on to.

1.Mary @ Oh my, she is inspiring, heartfelt, a wonderful faith-filled lady that home schools her kids and has such an optimistic, real, and loving outlook and blog. I love her blog. We discovered each other just a bit ago—and well, she is amazing. Yep, amazing.

2. This list cannot be complete without including Katharine Trauger of Home’s Cool. She was one of the first to regularly follow my blog.  Her blog is inspirational, heartwarming, informative, educational, fabulous. She has become a friend and sister in Christ.

3. Dor at Technicolor Daydreams She is a really new blogger–and awfully fun and warm-hearted. I chose her because I think she is a peach.

3. lady barefoot bareness at a lady of the highest order–fabulous, heartfelt, etc….

4. Jackie Paulson–woman extraordinaire, champion of the downhearted, writer, guider,


Can I keep adding? ok, I will stop!! 🙂

Award Recipients: When you accept the award, put the badge on your page (right click on the badge in my right sidebar)–click copy image url–then paste it into image url in your widget; then  in the URL Link, link it back to the permalink for this page. Acknowledge the award on your post with a link back to this page, too. Then give the award to 3 bloggers that you think are ‘All-Around Wonderful’.

God bless your day, everyone. Sending gigantic hugs, prayers, and huzzahs to all who read this.

About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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20 Responses to An Award from an All-Around Wonderful Blogger

  1. misswhiplash says:

    Well done Kate great stuff and so well deserved

  2. Congratulations I am so happy for you ♥♥♥

  3. Such a nice post, Kate. I think there are a lot of us out here just posting our thoughts, feelings, hopes and insights just like you. Thanks for the kudos and the recommendation for your readers to check out my blog! Praying you have a blessed day today.

  4. Maria Tatham says:

    Congratulations, Kate! It’s wonderful to know that the net can be a source of affirmation and encouragement. So glad that it is for you, and for those who read your words!
    God bless you!

  5. Gently hugging you with Congratulations. Kate yo so deserve this honor and I know will do this award like the others such justice.
    These things may seem not as much of a big deal to non-writers, but knowing that the voice you have others listen to is huge. You are a Rock Star in my world!

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  7. Congratulations on your award! It sounds like a wonderful one, and I’ll have to visit those other blogs. (And I agree with you, Dor is a “peach!” What a perfect word.) 🙂

  8. hugmamma says:

    Huge hugs for an award well-deserved. You are a generous soul to all who befriend you. Keep spreading your message…and love 🙂

    • Kate Kresse says:

      I sure do intend to, at least to the best of my ability. I am truly blessed by you. Our connection across the miles is a source of joy. Keep me in your prayers; know that you are in mine as well.

  9. Jackie Paulson says:

    Congrats to those who did get the award, I might just share this with some of my bloggers… is that ok?

  10. Jackie Paulson says:

    Thanks for adding me to your list Kate. I am going to get it all up tonight. You are so sweet and an inspiration to all of us… Will follow you… ♥ jackie Bless You

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