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Happy Monday, Happy July

Can you believe that it is already July? My goodness the months have been flying by here. As always we each face ups, downs, challenges, losses triumphs but we believe anyway. I do hope that this week is starting out … Continue reading

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Transformational Journey

I have been considering life and the multiple phases of life. It is easy to forget that each day is a gift, isn’t it? We get busy. We make our lists. We either get busy accomplishing, or we procrastinate. I … Continue reading

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Writing can heal and change

I have always felt that sharing and openness can help to effect change–not only in ourselves, but in others. I came of age during the time when my generation shared their feelings, journaled, participated in encounter groups, went on retreats, … Continue reading

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And I wait for you, my Lord

Ok—things are all topsy-turvy. My students have finals (of course they do) and I am trying to stay healthy. To that end, I need to cut WAY back on caffeine, and I am doing some physical therapy and exercises. I … Continue reading

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Are you at the edge of a cliff?

When I am going through difficulties, I sometimes feel down-hearted. It just wears me down sometimes. But my saying of “believe anyway” needs to be applied, especially during those times. So I muster on. I admit, sometimes I almost literally … Continue reading

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The voice of my loving friend; a fabulous nurse and compassionate woman

I have amazing friends. This particular friend (I will call her R, in case she wants to stay anonymous) is a wonderful woman. She is kind, caring, compassionate, and fair. She is one of those people who looks at both … Continue reading

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Is today a day for picking daisies?

My friend Linda is fighting cancer, once again. No, she isn’t just fighting it, she is determined to give it a knock-out, all the time prevailing with joy, laughter, and optimism. She inspires all who know her, with her zest … Continue reading

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