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Rubicon Moments

I don’t know if you are familiar with the movie 1776. In that movie, John Adams sings a song and mentions crossing the Rubicon and commitment. It is a powerful moment. He is referring to those point of no return, … Continue reading

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Transformational Journey

I have been considering life and the multiple phases of life. It is easy to forget that each day is a gift, isn’t it? We get busy. We make our lists. We either get busy accomplishing, or we procrastinate. I … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is coming

I feel reflective each November. I think about the blessings of the past year. I think about the difficulties. This year I find myself a bit adrift. My mom, one of my biggest cheerleaders, passed away some months ago. I … Continue reading

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Contemplating my mission for the next year of my life…

Well, today I celebrate my birthday. What a year it has been. The passage of time makes me reflect on what is behind me and what lies ahead. In the last year, my mom died. So this next year, I … Continue reading

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The Path I Took

It is said that we stand on the shoulders of the giants who preceded us. When I was a little girl, I planned to be a writer, business woman or teacher, wife, and mother. I had loads of great examples … Continue reading

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Be steadfast

I go through phases. Do you do that? I find that in stressful times, especially prolonged stressful times, I became emotional and reactive instead of proactive. I am driven by circumstances, rather that “believing anyway”. Is my faith weak? Not … Continue reading

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Cast your cares

Sometimes we can become consumed by worries and anxieties, or at least I can. Of course, worrying and fretting never improves a situation. What is called for is a clear head. That is easier said than done when we are … Continue reading

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