Still your heart… breathe

I must admit, my mind and heart just cannot create right now. I just keep praying that healing will come. Healing for those infected by the Corona virus. Healing for those suffering from the flu. Healing for those suffering from addiction. Healing for those suffering from a myriad of other health issues. Healing for those who are grieving. Healing for those whose lives are torn asunder by job loss and financial woes.

So, today I have copied a part of a post from many years ago. Please know, as you read this, that you are not alone. You aren’t. You may feel like you are, but you aren’t alone. Hang in there. Try to pay more attention to the ones who are helping people than the ones who are not. Remember to breathe…. take EXTRA good care of yourself.

QUIET THINGS ~ By Grace Noll Crowell

These I have loved with passion, loved them long:
The house that stands when the building hammers cease,
After wild syncopation, a sane song,
A tree that straightens after the winds’ release,
The cool green stillness of an April wood,
A silver pool, unruffled by the breeze,
The clean expanse of a prairie’s solitude,
And calm, unhurried hours– I love these.

I have been tangled in the nets too long;
I shall escape and find my way again
Back to the quiet place where I belong,
Far from the tinseled provinces of men.
These will be waiting after my release:
The sheltered ways, the quiet ways of peace.


You see ~ if you can find that rhythm ~ of God’s breath in you, you can be one with His heart and pace. The frenetic energy-draining pace can be replaced with blessed assurance.

This day and each day ~ even in difficult times, believe anyway.


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We are all born for love

Here we are, April 2nd 2020. The world is amidst a BIG adjustment. We are prioritizing our lives in vastly different ways. All over the internet I see so many people giving, giving, giving. I see people reaching out and asking for help. I see people responding and helping. People are giving of their time, talent, and treasure in ways I haven’t seen. People are getting creative about ways they can add some light, humor, love, and comfort. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

Yes, I get it. People are ill, people are dying. There is Corona-19. There is the flu. There are traffic accidents, overdoses, cancer, and many other illnesses. But this particular time in history is giving people pause. Schools are closed but teachers are still teaching them online. Restaurants are closed but offering takeout. People are determined to help small mom and pop businesses ride out this storm. People are zooming and doing facebook live videos. Why? There is an insatiable urge that is hardwired into us. The insatiable urge is to REACH OUT. Authors are going online and reading out to kids. Movies are being streamed. Symphonies and operas are offered online. People are sewing facemasks. Companies are re-tooling so they can manufacture much needed ventilators.

All of this is in response to needs. Why? Disreali said it best. He said, “we are all born for love”. What GOOD have you seen lately? Who would like to have a zoom meeting, either with me or with friends and family near and far??

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Is Your Head Spinning Yet?

Oh my stars, my friends. My mind is overwhelmed. Today I need to put the news on mute. It is sunny today in Phoenix, and I plan to do some yard work and take my dogs for multiple walks. I have business to attend to, chores, and so much more. I can tell I need God’s Vitamin  D, because my mind just keeps going from pillar to post. Even prayer time is wacky. I think I have let it all get to me. Perhaps you are overwhelmed, too.

I remember feeling this overwhelming jittery feeling after 9/11. I was sitting and watching the news almost around the clock. Pretty soon, I couldn’t complete any tasks. Is it any wonder that was the impact of being immersed in it all? At some point you just have to do something more normal. Granted, I have been continuing to do my usual tasks. My business related tasks have been somewhat neglected, partially out of hesitancy.

But today is Monday and I must not let things crush me. I need to take advantage of the opportunity that isolation provides. We have so many tasks around the house that have been neglected for months. NOW is the time. Today is the day to begin all of that. I must, even though my first inclination is to sit and stare at the news. I guess I keep watching in the hopes that it will all magically, miraculously be fixed. Silly, isn’t it?

While the scientists, medical professionals, and lawmakers work on all of this, I must catch up at home. I must reach out to those needing help in my own way through my business. I must declutter, spring clean, get files and photos scanned. I must, of course, continue to stay in touch with loved ones. Through it all today, I am going to put on some music that lifts my heart. What music? I am glad you asked. I love showtunes, folk music, some rock, some country, Christian music, Gershwin, Aaron Copland, James Taylor, Neil Diamond, Carole King, Melissa Ethridge, Simon and Garfunkel, Barry Manilow, and tons more. All of those are better for my mood than more news coverage.

Give yourself permission to reconnect with what lifts your spirits today. The world needs you, dear friends. I send you lots of love.

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Sundays are good for regrouping

Sundays…. worship and prayer day….. regrouping and restoring day. I hope this Sunday finds you all healthy, safe, and finding joy in your day to day life. Things have changed so much in our world in a short period of time. Thanks to the goodness of people’s hearts, all kinds of groups are being formed on facebook and other ways too. These groups are focused on helping people. We aren’t disconnected strangers. We are a community. More people than we realize are reaching out, sharing, helping, adding hope and joy to our days. Happy Sunday. Remember, even if someone is saying or posting something that comes across as cross or crazy, that person is doing the best he/she can.

It is easy to get down and see bleakness. But I am hanging on, hanging on to hope. The coronavirus continues. Medical supplies are needed. People are stepping forth offering to make masks, gowns, ventilators and so much more. People are sharing with shut-ins.

There is hope. I know. It is scary and lonely at times. It is terrifying to those who have lost their income and they were already struggling. I don’t have words of advice. I do know that people love. People care. There is reason, despite disheartening news to BELIEVE ANYWAY.

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Be not afraid

I read a very beautiful story yesterday and wanted to share it with everyone. Once Krishna and Balram were walking through a dense forest. It was a scary forest full of fierce animals and demons. Suddenly a demon came before them. Balram was petrified seeing a demon and asked fearfully,” Who are you?” The demon answered-I am a demon the size of your fear. Hearing this Balram was even more scared and the demon grew bigger. The bigger he grew the more scared Balram was. Seeing him grow Balram fainted. Then demon turned his attention to Krishna. He said- ” I am demon the size of your fear.”
Krishna looked at him nonchalantly and started playing his flute. The demon grew smaller and smaller till he disappeared. When Balram got up he was surprised to see this and he realised his mistake.

We live in scary times today and we need to let our faith win over fears we have in our mind. Let’s make a conscious effort to have our faith in good things in life..

1)Mediatate and keep calm- Your positive energies can make your immunity higher..

2) Relax- Listen to good music, dance or do whatever that makes you happy..

3)Hear, say and listen to good things..there is a world beyond this pandemic..

4) Spend time with people who uplift you instead of those who bring you down..

5) Stay safe but be kind and loving too..people need healing and love in such times ..

Let’s remeber that faith conquers fear anytime and anyday..

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Stress, time, breathe #keepcalm

I’ve been thinking about about why self care is at times a challenge. Pardon me while i meander in thought for a bit.
There is a reason we find ourselves completely depleted at times. We forget. You see, it is parallel to much of our lives. For instance, when we are trying to get a lot of things done, we forget. We forget that time keeps moving forward. It doesn’t stand still while we complete a task. That is why we end up being late for things, because we wanted to do that one more thing before leaving the house. So we are stressed and late. We forget that time is dynamic, not static. We run out of time because we didnt have the luxury or time to plan.
The same thing can happen with eating, exercise, prayer, and meditation. We told ourselves we’d do those things after surviving a crisis. But there is always another crisis. For now the crisis is Coronavirus.
But again, we didn’t have time before. Now everything is topsy turvy.
The same thing happens with $ if we operate with a planned budget, and stick to it.
Now, if we keep these things in mind, we can put together a plan. We put together a time, attention, and dedication budget. Here is an example to kind of explain what i mean. Years ago my husband and i were in a grief support group. Our infant daughter died when she was 10 months old. The group leader was explaining how handling grief is different from wallowing helplessly in it. Eventually, she said, you can control it. She said you tell yourself like from 2pm to 4pm you sre going to cry, scream, and be totally sad. Outside those parameters, she said, you tell yourself when paralyzed by grief, i am not denying my feelings. BUT, i choose to set this aside til 2 pm.
We used this method to navigate grief. It helped. Perhaps we can try this with the health crisis.
Perhaps by having a plan, we can gain some sanity. Perhaps having a time and emotion budget/plan, we will feel enough not totally at the mercy of the details and pressures of life.

Perhaps we can set time aside for self care, even 10 minutes. And consciously say aloud to ourselves, ok….. i am taking 10 min to walk, or meditate. I realize this means i have 10 min less for chores. But that is my decision anyway. Maybe we can lay out a “time budget”….

What do you think

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Philippians 4:10-13
“I rejoice greatly in the Lord that at last you have renewed your concern for me. Indeed you have been concerned but you had no opportunity to show it. I am not saying this because I am in need for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty. I have turned the secret of being content in any and every situation whether well fed or hungry whether living in plenty or in want. I can do anything through Him who gives me strength.”

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