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I am taking part in a challenge. If you want to take part to, all you have to do is think up 101 tasks that you would really like to do in the next 1001 days.

This project is the brainchild of Sarah Sarsm at: http://sarsm.wordpress.com/ and Tilly at http://thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com/. Their badge for the project can be copied and pasted at this link: http://sarsm.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/101in1001_194.png

If you decide to join the project, let go to the sarsm link, and let her know through her contact form. We are a community—and that way we can support each other with our tasks.

All of that being said, I am beginning to compile MY list of 101 tasks. I will update my list as I add to it and as I complete the tasks.

Kate’s 101 Tasks in 1001 Days: Started 2/3/2012—which means in 1001 days it will be: 10/30/2014. [trick or treat, baby ].

  1.  Plan and go on a romantic get-away with my husband
  2. De-clutter 2 rooms of my house–hopefully permanently COMPLETED
  3. Compile 1st draft of daily inspirational book based on my blogCOMPLETED
  4.  publish the inspirational book
  5. Complete 800 hours of tutoring DONE
  6. Complete 1000 hours of tutoring DONE
  7.  take a Zumba class and try not to die doing it 🙂
  8. Read a Tale of Two Cities
  9. Read Les Miserables
  10.  Learn about the settings on my camera and use them
  11. Find and buy an old pair of toe shoes just for fun
  12. Learn how to re-finish wooden tables and re-finish my kitchen table
  13. learn how to repair and recover my dining room chairs and do it.
  14.  Research my mom’s side of the family
  15. Visit the beach in San Diego to do a photography portfolio of the beach
  16. Research the life and accomplishments of my great-grandmother Margaret
  17. write book about my great-grandmother
  18.  Hike one of the mountain parks in my area (no, not scaling a mountain ala Tom Cruise; walking on a path/established nature trail).
  19.  Plant a vegetable garden
  20. Resume drawing with my charcoals: sketch some of my favorite still-life subjects
  21.  Learn how to paint with water colors
  22.  Some type of Exercise every day and yes, it will have to be every day–if i only do a few times a week it seldom happens.  I will report when I manage to begin this pattern on a daily basis [:-)] {COMPLETED 6 weeks as of 8/6/12}
  23.  Come up with the 1st 50 things to do by 3/31/2012 COMPLETED
  24. Downsize/Declutter in Den COMPLETED
  25. Pay off all non-mortgage debt
  26. save money for vacation COMPLETED
  27. Read War and Peace
  28. go to Hawaii
  29. Complete 1, 250 hours of tutoring COMPLETED
  30. submit something to a writing contest~why not go for it! COMPLETED
  31. learn how to can applesauce {DONE}
  32. see the Lost Dutchman mine
  33. go to Flagstaff: tour NAU campus, see the massive telescope and showCOMPLETED 
  34. See the south rim of the Grand Canyon COMPLETED
  35. See the Meteor CraterCOMPLETED 
  36. Stand on the corner in Winslow, Arizona  COMPLETED
  37. Visit the Arboretum in Globe, AZCOMPLETED 
  38. See Canyon Lake and ride the Steamboat  COMPLETED
  39. See Roosevelt Lake, and drive the treacherous mountain road  COMPLETED
  40. re-visit the south rim of the Grand Canyon and spend a night at the Inn there
  41. visit the north rim of the Grand Canyon
  42. see the museums in Tucson
  43. visit the art museum in Phoenix
  44. go to Lake Havasu~ see the lake and London Bridge
  45. visit San Francisco
  46. go to Santa Fe, NM
  47. go to 4 corners at the northern edge of AZ
  48. see Monument National Park
  49. see Niagra Falls (from the US side and the Canadian side)
  50. attend a live performance of the Hallelujah Chorus
  51. go to a Mystery Dinner Theater performance
  52. try out for a community theater play just for fun
  53. drive out to the desert where itgets super-dark and see the sunset and the stars
  54. take my husband and son to Tombstone
  55. go to the coast of Maine and re-visit Ogonquit, York Harbor, Old Orchard Beach,  and/or Portland
  56. Go to South Mountain Park ~ right here in Phoenix
  57. submit a drawing to an art fair/art show
  58. use some of my quilting fabric to make a quilt’ it’s been too long!
  59. visit Taliesin West and take a tour DONE 
  60. Try Thai food DONE 
  61. Lose 1st 10 lbs DONE
  62. Lose 2nd 10 lbs DONE
  63. Lose 3rd 10 lbs DONE
  64. Lose 4th 10 lbs DONE
  65. Tour Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd Wright) DONE
  66. See the aquarium in Tempe DONE
  67. Visit my cousins in L.A. DONE
  68. Attend my son’s college graduation DONE
  69. Begin planning Bullying Book DONE
  70. Outline Bullying Book DONE
  71. Work on overview Chapter for Bullying book DONE
  72. First draft of 1 chapter of Bullying Book DONESketch out plan for rest of Bullying Book
  73. See Lake Pleasant
  74. See Monument Valley
  75. Tour Wrigley Museum
  76. take a few ballroom dancing classes
  77. Train for a 5k and do one DONE
  78. Train for a 10K and do one
  79. Attend a horse show DONE
  80. attend a free cultural event (concert/ballet or something!)
  81. Attend improv performance DONE
  82. Re-read Proverbs
  83. Post 500 posts to my blog DONE
  84. Post 750 Posts to my blog DONE
  85. Post 1000 Posts to my blog
  86. Organize my filing and paperwork
  87. have a session with an aesthetician
  88. find a scanner for photos
  89. set up YouTube Channel for making and posting videos
  90. help edit Josh’s book DONE
  91. attend Adam’s wedding DONE
  92. attend Bill’s wedding DONE
  93. get one of my sketches matted and framed DONE
  94. purge craft closet
  95. try sushi DONE
  96. Attend Katherine’s wedding DONE
  97. learn to back-up my computer
  98. find a photo sharing site
  99. See Jim’s dad’s neighborhood –done
  100. complete 1,500 hours of tutoring — DONE

16 Responses to 101 in 1000 challenge

  1. sarsm says:

    Congratulations on your list!!

    I actually think it’s better to start with an incomplete list as life changes and throws new and interesting challenges all the time.

    I thought about trying a Zumba class too.

    I did the murder mystery dinner and it was fantastic. You’ll really enjoy it!!

    I wish you every success! I’ll let the others know in my next update.

  2. whyyyjen says:

    Hi Kate! I still have an incomplete list and I visited your site to have some ideas on what else to write on my list.
    I just started yesterday and I’m still thrilled about this challenge. 🙂

  3. Tilly Bud says:

    Some great choices on your list!

    Good luck with the project 🙂

  4. #61. Come see me when pears are ripe! 😀

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  7. Alyssa says:

    I like your list! I am wanting to do #51 as well. I did #77 and I highly recommend it. I have no coordination at all but it was a blast and I semi-figured out how to tango. 🙂 Check out my blog if you have the time, and good luck completing your list! http://castlesineurope.wordpress.com/

  8. dogear6 says:

    You’re doing good on the list. It’s hard to believe the 1,001 days is coming to an end soon, but of the list doesn’t have to. The items undone will either continue to wait or drop off because in the end, it didn’t matter enough.

    Okay, so I hereby give you OFFICIAL permission to jettison whatever is undone and say eh! It wasn’t important enough, but I had fun anyhow.


    • Kate Kresse says:

      you have NO idea how freeing your permission is!!!! ❤

      • dogear6 says:

        I think I’ve done that one to you before too. It’s just something about us at this age that we forget to forgive ourselves as much as we other people. I just thought I’d remind you to look at everything you DID get done. Sometimes stuff stays undone because it just wasn’t important enough. And sometimes we make time for it. . . later.

        • Kate Kresse says:

          you are so right my friend!!! years ago, a friend of mine admonished me to be gentle with myself. it is so easy to forget. i think sometimes we put things on our lists (regular lists, bucket lists, or whatever lists) to try to look good (either to ourselves or others). It is easy to forget that we are good regardless of the list!! and yes, sometimes we make time for stuff later.

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