Postaday topic #29: Do you want to live forever?

Topic #29

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If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not? When I saw the title for this topic, a song immediately began looping through my head. The song? Fame from the movie and TV show by the same title. Part of the song goes something like this: “I wanna live forever fame! Please remember my name!” Part of me does want to live forever, because there are so many people that i love and I don’t want to miss a thing. On the other hand, if they are gone would I want to be here? Ultimately, I want to live in heaven forever. So, perhaps, I would want to live as long as God needs me here. I would hope that I could maintain my health, etc my whole life. That would be really nice. I would love to live to see my son grow old with us—and to grow old with my husband. There is so much I still want to do with my life. I feel as though I am only beginning. But in our culture, the old people are not necessarily vaued or respected. I do not want to feel that life has passed me by and i can no longer participate in it. I want to live, and give. How long? I am hoping I can live a vigorous life for a full century. We shall see, right?

About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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