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To sleep, perchance to dream

This morning I awoke feeling refreshed and well rested. Saturday morning I was dragging because I could not sleep a wink on Friday night. I attribute my wakefulness to a big cup of iced coffee while I tutored early Friday … Continue reading

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In my own little corner, in my own little chair

Everyone needs a place to go when they need quiet time. In Rogers’ and Hammerstein’s Cinderella,  she went to her own little corner, her own little chair. As for me, the “where I go’ depends on why I need quiet time. … Continue reading

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Is this your Season of Grace?

When we put off what God has told us to do, we miss that season of grace. But, if you’ll deal with things as soon as God brings them to light, you’ll have a special grace, a special empowerment. You’ll … Continue reading

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Pondering Friday and the Week Ahead

I am so glad it is Friday. This has been both an important week for me. Some students had breakthroughs, and some rushed pell mell into more hiding from excellence. Yet the week rushed by. I have only two students … Continue reading

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I Want a Longer Weekend!

I am feeling SOOOO lazy today. I still want a longer weekend! Okay—I think I actually want an 8 day week so I still have my 5 days to tutor, but then get 3 days off! What’s going on in … Continue reading

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Take Me to the Ocean, Lord

Whew. It was a week of ups and downs. It both invigorated and drained me. I know that you, too have had weeks like that! It doesn’t happen often, but I wrote a poem of sorts about it. (At least … Continue reading

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Your Mind And Heart Can Always Take You To Special Places

I think we all have our “happy places” don’t we? For me they are numerous: hands in the garden dirt and planting—or picking fruit and veggies; walking through a forest when the leaves are turning and some have fallen; watching … Continue reading

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