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No not even one

I have written many many blog articles about teaching and learning, and believing in my students. What continually draws me to a student, and keeps me going? I will tell you. It is the chance to launch them. My favorite … Continue reading

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Autumn Has Always Been Special to Me

I have to admit, I always loved autumn when I loved in parts of the country that had spectacular autumns. I love the gloriously bright oranges, yellows, and red that make the trees look ablaze with color. I love scuffling … Continue reading

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Sometimes you have to be adventurous

I sometimes think that having an adventure must involve extraordinary effort (like mountain climbing), or a long and perhaps expensive trip. But life itself is truly an adventure. When you stop and think about it, each time we head out … Continue reading

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Beautiful Bridges to Zoom Across

I am reflective today once again. Tomorrow is my birthday, and so it is appropriate for me to reflect upon the past year and look to my future. A year ago I was helping my son recover from an April … Continue reading

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Deeply Rooted in Christ

“Let your roots grow down into Him and draw up nourishment from Him, so you will grow in faith, strong and vigorous in the truth you were taught”~ Colossians 2:7 People have asked me throughout my life how I have … Continue reading

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She Had Me At Louie

Ok. Let me preface everything I am going to say with the absolute fact that I am moved beyond measure by every blogger I read. The posts, the poetry, the photographs, the Scriptural teachings, the outlooks on life…. just as … Continue reading

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Life’s Garden Isn’t Scary

This morning I had time for ¬†prayer and reflection before I got ready to leave. I arrived at my computer clear-headed and in a positive mood. When I checked Facebook I found the usual argumentative and negative posts from people … Continue reading

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