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Praying for the children, the families in Connecticut

Oh how sorrowful for the families in Connecticut. How sorrowful to have those Christmas gifts that were carefully tucked away or ordered, which will never be opened. My heart goes out to them. I am sure that everyone’s hearts ache … Continue reading

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Stages of Grief – With God’s Help It Is Like Going Across the Monkey Bars

I was watching a program the other night and someone on the show was grieving the loss of a loved one. Someone else on the program said something like “I understand that. You’ve lost a loved one. You will grieve … Continue reading

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Erin Go Bragh

March makes me think of oh so many things Irish. Half my ancestors are Irish, and more than half of my husband’s are Irish. So when our daughter was born we named her Erin. She had so many battles to … Continue reading

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