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Why do we require students to take history/social studies?

Why do I have to take history and social studies? Posted on March 19, 2014by Kate Kresse Why do I have to take history/social studies? That is a mantra that many of my students repeat, over and over. Of course, I tell them … Continue reading

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A Way to Teach History

I have included a story from CNN about teaching US history. I agree that it can be an outstanding way to teach US history. In light of the Olympics, a similar set-up could be used to teach world history. There … Continue reading

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Postaday Topic #177: What does freedom mean?

What does freedom mean?. topic 177 Freedom means that you have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not happiness, but its pursuit. It means that we can start a business, invent a product or procedure. It means that the … Continue reading

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