We’re after the same rainbow’s end…

The classic song Moon River says “Two drifters, off to see the world There’s such a lot of world to see. We’re after the same rainbow’s end, waiting, round the bend, my Huckleberry Friend, Moon River, and me”.


I never cared for the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but I love the song. Is it because it has the term huckleberry friend? Maybe. I have sweet memories from my childhood of that word huckleberry. The kid’s song the muffin man has it…and of course, the Mark Twain classic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has it. My dad was a big Mark Twain fan, so he and I discussed his works on a regular basis. When I hear Moon River, I always sing the part about “my huckleberry friend” with a tear in my eye.

The urban dictionary tells us that a huckleberry friend is: A very special good friend that’s been in your life for years, typically for years. I definitely have some huckleberry friends, and I hope that you do, too. They bless my life with their glorious love.

But besides mentioning huckleberry friends, I wanted to talk today about the other part of the verse. “There’s such a lot of world to see. We’re after the same rainbow’s end….waiting round the bend….”

I saw this photo yesterday. It reminded me of that song. It made me think about how intertwined hearts share dreams, hopes, visions for the future, and more. We may long for peace of heart, glorious days full of wonder and hope. Like a rainbow’s end, the journey may even be theoretically impossible. But it is our journey, as we drift or even march along that makes it all beautiful. We can see that rainbow connecting the clouds to the earth. It is a symbol of hope and promise.

The rains do not last forever in our lives. Our difficulties will pass. Joy and love burst through our darkest moments. Our huckleberry friends see us through heartbreak and rejoice with us in happy times. I remember a day in New Jersey when my friends Pattie and Connie and I were outside with our kids, in a wonderful rain. The kids were running through the puddles and we just let them get totally soaked. They were floating leaves in the water as it streamed toward the storm sewers. Then, over the pond where the peepers croaked at night, we saw a double rainbow angling over our heads and seemingly ending in the woods just beyond us. It was such a lovely moment….the joyous rapture of childhood, the sweet treasure of rainbows….mixed together with huckleberry friends. Then, of course, we took the kids in to Pattie’s house, dried them off and had her FABULOUS potato soup.

So you see, when you least expect it….joy is waiting around the bend. Me? I long for connections with loved ones. I long for times and moments that renew my strength and faith. I love the promise of possibility. There are times in our lives when we “cocoon”. Perhaps we hide away from the world. Perhaps we lick our wounds. We crawl into a metaphorical chrysalis – to heal, re-group, and re-focus.

Then, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, what happens? You guessed it, didn’t you?


And you are ready to fly….GlassWingedButterfly




About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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19 Responses to We’re after the same rainbow’s end…

  1. dogear6 says:

    I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story! It’s been a tough road for you for a while now. It would be nice if that time is coming to an end.

    I loved the photos – that rainbow shot is great (and you were in the car too!). So is the butterfly / moth.

    Hugs & kisses from Richmond, Virginia.


    • Kate Kresse says:

      the rest of the story….well you know what? I think that it is really important that God and I define the next decade. The ones who have a way of making me feel really lousy about myself and get me obsessing about their comments, etc have been given center stage for way too long. I think it is part of my problem. I remember telling my son how to deal with naysayers when he was in elementary school When they bullied him or called him names, he was crushed. I asked him “if they called you a banana, would you forever wonder if you are a banana?” “No, mama”. “well, when they call you stupid, it is the same thing”. It helped him only a little; but he was only a little boy.
      I asked myself when my birthday arrived whether or not i want to spend any more time being heartbroken over past hurts. I do not. Way too much time has been wasted on that already. Life goes on…..and I want to choose joy despite those past things.
      Nothing in those relationships will change unless I do. They will not change~ and discussing it with them will not increase understanding.
      But me deciding to leave all that junk in God’s hands is the only way new wings will grow. Now, of course, the challenge is to remain firm in that belief even when I am actually around those folks! But strength comes with prayer and practice. Besides ~ there is a whole lot of life and love left!

  2. From one cocooner to another, its time to fly, my friend. Your post really spoke to me today as I find I’m stuck in that hideaway mode again. Your cocoon metaphor reminds me of 2 Corinthians 5:17: ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!’ And I love that line from Moon River too.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      not only time to fly, but time to soar and float on God’s sustaining breath. it is no wonder the view stinks when we stomp around like a bunch of pouty faces (i mean generic we not you!!). it is definitely time. time to soar. time to stop stomping. what is over is over. i have decided that the part of our pasts that drag us down, or distract us, from God and His mission for us must be left behind. We cannot let them define our outlooks or destroy our faith and stamina. No matter what.

  3. Debbie says:

    Such a beautiful hopeful post from a beautiful and hopeful heart! Thank you!

  4. This was beautifully written, Kate! Love it! Every time I see a butterfly, I’m reminded of a saying: “Lots of beautiful stuff floating around out there!” Don’t know where it came from… Anyway, This was beautiful. Now for a laugh–The first time I ever heard of a huckleberry was in a Blondie comic strip where Dagwood was at a plant nursery and the nurseryman asked him what to call the plant that is a cross between a huckleberry and a honeysuckle. The answer, of course, being: “A hucklesuckle!” Love you, girl. ❤ K

  5. gwen07 says:

    Oh Kate, I so needed this. I remember, as an 8 year-old, my dad wanted me to sing a song to impress a friend — I sang the only song I remembered (other than Christmas carols) it was Moon River. “Moon river, wider than a mile / I’m crossing you in style – someday…” Such a hopeful song tinged with rose-colored memories of days lived and loved. Thanks –

  6. Fig Tree Chance says:

    Hey, Kate–Caddo’s back in the saddle again, so you’re welcome to visit me at new blog! God bless you BIG.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      THERE You are!!! i have been looking for you to no avail…..i have missed you and i am so so so glad you are back. God bless you BIG right back. THANK you for visiting. love you~ kate

      • Fig Tree Chance says:

        Any chance we could exchange “particulars” again, ie contact info? When I fell down into the chasm, I lost pretty much everything–and you don’t know HOW much you blessed me, saying you’d even looked for me at PBR–oh!!!! Sorry to hear you’ve had your own distresses–so if you email me at the address connected to the blog, I’ll then provide you with private info and we’ll be back on track. I thought of you quite specifically when I needed help with a “math” problem last week….and I also sent someone your way, a blogger by name of Laine Jensen. Thank you for your BIG prayers and love–Caddo

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