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What are you dreaming of today?

I have been feeling reflective. Of course, as my regular tutoring schedule evolves into my summer tutoring schedule, I often do feel reflective. But this year I have been feeling even more reflective than usual. My birthday is in the … Continue reading

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The greatest gifts we ever received

Today is a special day for my husband and me. You see, today marks the anniversary of one of our VERY favorite days. 26 years ago, our beloved son was born. A remarkable woman, his birth mother, chose us to … Continue reading

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Even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness!

If you have seen “Fiddler on the Roof” you may recognize the title of this blog post as a line from the movie. It was said by Tevye’s oldest daughter Tseitel’s  true love Motel (pronounced “mottle”)Kamzoil the tailor. Now why am … Continue reading

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My little girl/big girl books

I grew up in Minnesota. As a result, I certainly read the Little House series of books. My grandpa taught in a one-room schoolhouse when he was a young man in Iowa. So stories of Laura’s school gave me an … Continue reading

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Do you feel like you are drowning?

Do you hit a point now and then when you feel like you are swimming in a stormy sea, with no dock or safe spot in sight? I think everyone feels that way at some point; we get worn out and … Continue reading

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Are you wallowing today?

The thing is, at times we draw our meaning from our role(s) in life and from our associations. What do I mean by our associations? For example, from our immediate family we have ongoing connections. From our extended family we … Continue reading

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