To sleep, perchance to dream

This morning I awoke feeling refreshed and well rested. Saturday morning I was dragging because I could not sleep a wink on Friday night. I attribute my wakefulness to a big cup of iced coffee while I tutored early Friday evening. Sigh… when will I learn?

Anyway, I entitled my post today with a quote from Shakespeare. It was his birthday this past week, after all. The old guy would be 450 years old this year! I heard about a study concerning sleep (or the lack thereof) while I was driving between students this past week. They quoted some interesting statistics:

Read more: Survey of 1,140 Americans looked at sleeping habits and work productivity

  • 30% of workers say they are unhappy with the amount of sleep they get
  • 76% say they feel tired most days at work
  • But 15% say they fall asleep in the office at least once a week
  • 85% say they are kept awake at night by the temperature in their room
  • Others say their partner and unwanted noise keep them up at night

What, you may rightfully ask does all of this have to do with my post today? It astonishes me that so many people have a sleep shortage. It puts things in perspective for me. It also reminds me that if I am going to continue marching to my own drummer I need to get more sleep!

God wants us to rest, and modeled it for us, didn’t He? Jesus rested, and He also took time to put His soul at rest through prayer. “While others still slept, He went away to pray and to renew His strength in communion with His Father. He had need of this, otherwise He would not have been ready for the new day. The holy work of delivering souls demands constant renewal through fellowship with God.” (Andrew Murray).

We also must make ourselves ready for each new day. Proper nutrition, exercise, rest, and prayer each restore us mind–>body–>and spirit. We need that, we really do. We must practice self-care and care for others. We must cherish ourselves, each other, and our relationship with God, too. When we ignore any of these aspects we become like a little milking stool with one leg off-kilter. We tip, we go back and forth; progress becomes “udderly impossible”. So sometimes, when we have a day or too off, it is essential to spend time with each other. Yes, even if it means that some chores don’t get done that day. Restorative time with God and each other is essential in order to get through the tasks of other days.

I pray that as the weekend draws to a close that you have had a chance to restore, renew, pray, and rest.

Here is what I came across today that provides a nugget of advice for me as the new week begins. Does it help you? I hope so! Keep believing….

“Get into the habit of dealing with God about everything. Unless in the first waking moment of the day you learn to fling the door wide back and let God in, you will work on a wrong level all day; but swing the door wide open and pray to your Father in secret, and every public thing will be stamped with the presence of God.” — Oswald Chambers

Let us set the tone and rhythm for each day (and our week) by beginning in communion with our Lord. Have a a blessed day. “Be not afraid”.


About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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14 Responses to To sleep, perchance to dream

  1. auntyuta says:

    “t astonishes me that so many people have a sleep shortage.”
    This astonishes me too.
    You say: “God wants us to rest, and modeled it for us, didn’t He? Jesus rested, and He also took time to put His soul at rest through prayer.”
    So maybe proper rest does not just mean we need a lot more sleep. Besides a certain amount of sleep we also need other restful activity, don’t we?
    I think some people can lead perfectly healthy lives with just six to seven hours of sleep.
    However there are also some people who do need eight to nine hours of sleep!

  2. We learn to be sleep deprived, to “just get over it”, in school. Rising very early to catch that bus, then staying up at night to do mountains of homework. Easy.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      It’s funny. I had a great conversation with one of my students. He was struggling in his factoring polynomial expressions unit. His current struggle was with “completing the square”. He was despondent when we began and said “I totally don’t get this. I sat in class. The teacher explained it, and I don’t know WHAT she was talking about”. So we went through it, step by step until he got it. Then I had him work a few problems. Each time he made the same minor error (in determining the vertex he used the wrong sign for the x-coordinate). THEN, he GOT it. Woo hoo. He then worked a few more problems error-free. He said “see, that’s why I hate school. I sit there and listen and I totally don’t get it. But when I am one-on-one, I can learn anything”. I smiled and said “that’s why I like to teach one-on-one. I can keep teaching that person until that person TOTALLY gets it”. I am going to email his mom and recommend that he homeschool! One of the main reasons he does like to be at school is that he is in the Air Force Junior ROTC program at the school. That is a piece that he REALLY cherishes….

  3. I’m such an unhappy camper when I don’t get enough sleep. And I’ve learned to lay off the caffeine after 7 pm or I’m wide awake most of the night!

    • Kate Kresse says:

      The caffeine lesson is a lesson I have to keep re-learning!! On my “wise” days, I remember to switch to either chamomile tea or decaf coffee after around 3PM. But often it is “lesson planning” or even difficulties I am having with a math concept that keeps me awake! Summer is coming~ hooray, I will get to catch up on “everything” — that is my story and I am sticking to it! ❤

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