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Which people feed your spirit? What nourishes you?

I am hoping that you have people who feed your spirit. You know the type of people I mean. I am talking about people who rejoice with you. I am talking about those who taste salt when you weep. I … Continue reading

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I was sworn in! “I shall uphold the Constitution; I shall defend”

I am one of those people who has spent a lifetime studying societal trends, working within the system, and trying to effect change. I did this in my career and my community involvements.   I come from a long line … Continue reading

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Go out there

The government reopened this week. President Obama extended something not akin to an olive branch when he said, “You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election,” Obama … Continue reading

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Push on in your race: fear not

St Paul writes in Romans that he ran the race and God will say ‘well done though good and faithful servant’. Philip Doddridge wrote this in a song “Awake my soul! Stretch every nerve, and press with vigor on; A … Continue reading

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May today be special in its own way

I am pasting an old post in today. I was re-reading some of my past posts, and thought that this fit for today. I hope that your day is lovely. Remember, whether it is just another day on your list … Continue reading

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Life is connected it is not just disparate events

I tell my students that all of their school subjects are connected. Just because each one is taught in a different room does not mean they are truly separate. Events in our lives and stages of our lives can seem … Continue reading

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Grass roots efforts are for me!

Grass roots efforts have always been the ideal for me. You see, I have always been involved. I have always been the type of person who tries to help people find a middle ground. When factions form, and verbal attacks … Continue reading

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Strength to be courageous

Courageous people have different reasons for their courage. Sometimes a person, a group of people, or an entire nation are thrust into a situation. That situation often calls for a display of courage. Examples of this include: England when Germany … Continue reading

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Genesis 50:19-21 It applies this week

Are you suffering, have bad things happened? Are you afraid? Genesis 50:19-21 might help you.[ “But Joseph replied to them, ‘Have no fear. Can I take the place of God? Even though you meant harm to me, God meant it … Continue reading

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What I told my student about learning history: and the Affordable Care Act

One of my junior high students was complaining about learning history. Of course, I explained that “those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it”. We discussed at length some of the societal trends and events that … Continue reading

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More to be said: My own version of a panel discussion on health care

Do you remember panel discussions? Panel discussions usually involve a bringing together of a cross-section of views about an issue. With all of the hollering and worrying about the health care issue, and the government shut down, I have been … Continue reading

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Standardized tests: What REALLY matters

I know that education and achievement matter. I know that students need to learn to be truly literate. They need skills. They need a depth of understanding across a spectrum of subjects. They need that and more. I wanted to … Continue reading

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The voice of my loving friend; a fabulous nurse and compassionate woman

I have amazing friends. This particular friend (I will call her R, in case she wants to stay anonymous) is a wonderful woman. She is kind, caring, compassionate, and fair. She is one of those people who looks at both … Continue reading

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Under what circumstances should you “expect” to be robbed

Let me ask you a question today. If you are getting to know someone, you usually go out for coffee, or go for a walk, or talk on the phone, or maybe go to dinner. As you get to know … Continue reading

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A day is a miniature eternity

Ralph Waldo Emerson [oh I know, don’t you just love him?] said “A day is a miniature eternity”. The problem is it is so miniature. Of course when I focus on how short a day is and how much I … Continue reading

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Layered Gooey Eclairs

I spotted this recipe in the newspaper today. Gosh it sounds gooey, yummy, and easy! Ingredients: 1 3.4 oz box of Instant vanilla pudding 1 3.4 oz box in instant French vanilla pudding 1 8-oz tub of whipped topping 1 … Continue reading

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