Do you cherish your dreams?

Life has a way of making us numb to our own dreams and visions. We set them aside as being just foolish ideas. Why do we do that? I cannot speak for you, but there are various reasons that I have done it. Some visions or dreams seem like impossible mountains. For instance, I might determine that it will take way to long to accomplish it, or be to difficult to learn the skills I need in order to accomplish it.

But then there are the other ways I set them aside. For instance, I may spend all my time care-taking, or working, or just chatting. By doing that, I have set a higher priority on those things than my dream. I set dreams or ideas aside in other ways. I might float an idea or dream past a loved one to gauge their reaction. If they are nonplussed or less than enthusiastic, it deflates me. Not always, but sometimes. If they act as though they find it difficult to believe that I would succeed at that particular dream, my feelings about the dream change. It either ticks me off that they find it hard to believe I could accomplish it, and I get really dedicated….or I walk away from the dream.

But what do we do when we actually cherish something or someone? Yes, we hold tight, we are devoted, we do not let it go. Then how do we learn to really cherish our dreams? I believe that it stems from the depth of your belief in yourself, and the extent to which you trust yourself.

There are no doubt, reactions or people that make you feel minimized, de-valued, etc. You see, if we dash to the corner and stuff our light back under the bushel basket at the slightest breeze, droplet of rain, or other provocation, then we will be in the corner cursing the darkness. We will not be standing on the hilltop, with a glowing lantern. We should be standing on the hilltop, not in the corner. DANCE.

Remember….Nobody puts baby in the corner. {not even baby}. The question today is, what puts you in the corner? Will you come back out?

About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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7 Responses to Do you cherish your dreams?

  1. Always hanging on to dreams. It is what gives us the desire for tomorrow. This baby’s not going to the corner (once I get over a couple of things 🙂 haha

  2. GodGirl says:

    Love this post, and so needed this reminder to keep my light shining and pursue my crazy dreams with God’s help…

  3. My dreams seem to gallop or lie down, depending on my energy level. As a writer, there’s sure plenty of inspiration on the blogs–folks are jumping into self-publishing left and right, so maybe I’ll join ’em one of these fine days.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      you made me really laugh out loud with that one!!! Galloping dreams or lying down dreams…I really, really, really love that. Really. And so fitting with your “boys” your galloping dream extraordinaire!!!

      • Glad you enjoyed that, Kate–though I guess I should have added “bucking dreams” to better reflect my bull rider sons! We’re a month away from World Finals, and I’m excited and nervous–please pray for them!

  4. Well, there’s an elder at our church who will not let me teach the ladies because it might hurt another teacher’s feelings. There’s a lot of warnings out there about not jumping in to book writing until you really know what you are doing, so you don’t get a reputation for doing it wrong. And there is that feeling that if God wants it done, He will open a door. And there are other projects, also worthy, that take tons of time…;-)

    • Kate Kresse says:

      So many projects, so little time. I look at it this way; the project that is filling your heart is the one that God is calling you to also use to fill your time. I find it difficult at times to know whether God is telling me to wait/be cautious, or whether instead I am making excuses out of my own fear of failute. Does that ever happen to you>

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