The ebb and flow of life

“When the fog cleared, and I could once more see the ocean again, I realized something. I realized that life often mimics the ocean.  A constant ebb and flow. High tides and low. Sometimes volatile and stormy or covered in a blanket of fog. But it always finds its calm eventually. Same thing goes for you and me. We may have our share of storms and hard times but we are not meant to stay safe on the shore and watch life pass us by. We were made to live it. All of it.” [Quoted from “Only in Silence Can you hear” 09/19/12].

photo by my friend terri shirley-summerhayes

photo by my friend terri shirley-summerhayes

A friend of mine (Randalyn) shared that quote with me. It rung so true in my heart today. I am a gal that grew up in the Midwest, and largely near rivers (the Mississippi, mainly) and lakes. In my married life I have had lengthy stints near the Atlantic Ocean. I fell completely in love with the ocean—even more than I had been in love with the Mississippi River. I love to watch those waves come in. sometimes powerfully, sometimes gently.

It appealed to both my primal and spiritual side. It left its waves on my heart and soul. So when I reflect upon my life, the ups and downs, the celebrations and sorrows, the kindnesses and sorrows, the victories, and losses, the quote above makes sense. In one sense, I am standing on the shore and the waves come upon me. In another sense, I set sail (although I have never sailed), or hop on my boogie board, or on a surfboard (although I have never surfed) on a ship, in a canoe or rowboat, or climb the lighthouse steps—and I am there. Right in the throes of life. The ocean and the big sky and a sandy beach…..

photo by my friend terri shirley-summerhayes

photo by my friend terri shirley-summerhayes

And you know what? Even in the battles, the blessings come. those glorious waves lift me past the sharks. They wash away my tears. they toss me on the shore when I need to rest. In my imaginary cottage by the sea I can see the fog roll in–and hear the foghorns of the ships. the lighthouse up the beach (preferably at Barnegat) shines its light up and down the shore. That is God’s loving eye—reminding me: yep, I’m here; buck up girlfriend!

My birthday is coming up—on Thursday  I will be 59. so I am understandably reflective. I anticipate change and watershed moments ahead of time. Next summer I will be 60. that’s a lot of living—with a whole lot more to do. I plan goodness this next year. I plan a lot of rejoicing. I plan on moving on from past sorrows—leaving them like driftwood. Someday they will make a glorious bonfire—and I will have a whole lot of s’mores. New discoveries await us, don’t they?

Kates December 2011 photos 027

I picture a bonfire on my beach—either on the Jersey Shore (Long Beach Island), or Old Orchard Beach in Maine—-or York Harbor in Maine— or the place I have never been—The coast of Ireland, or the beach in San Diego….I picture me sitting there. I picture friends I have known for years—and friends I know through my blog—and tons of cousins and other relatives—joining me, my husband, and son. there we will sit, under the sunset (or sunrise) or twinkling stars. We can talk and sing, and walk by the beach….we can eat, have a glass of wine…and never tire or fight. It will be ALL about the love….and we will see. Life ebbs and flows….but the love is ALWAYS there. Have a blessed day!

About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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14 Responses to The ebb and flow of life

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Your birthday week has begun!

  2. And a blessed day to you, Kate–you’re only 2 years behind me, cool!! love, sis Cj

  3. Happy Birthday in advance!

    However, my brother, who is your age, recently began a new tradition in our family, of being tired of birthdays. He sends “Happy New Year” cards to us all, now. 😉

    I love thinking of my birthday as a beginning of a new year for me…

    So, in addition to HB, may I say, Happy New Year! 😀

  4. dogear6 says:

    When I turned 50, I partied all week, capped by visiting my sister the weekend before and my daughter the weekend after. It was so much fun and made turning 50 so much better.

    I turn 60 next year too and I just don’t care. I might not feel that way next year, but right now I don’t think I’ll do the same. Not sure what I’ll do.

    Happy 59th birthday! Hugs & kisses.


    • Kate Kresse says:

      I had hoped to do that for my 50th—but we had some family junk going on so I didn’t get to. So I am contemplating something significant for my 60th….altho it sure feels different that being about ready to turn 50!! hugs right back!

  5. Linda says:

    I am right there with you, girlfriend!! Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts! They are a comfort and joy to me!

  6. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Kate! I’m right there with you in age and spirit since I turned 59 in June.

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