What Kind of Year Are You Having? Changes or Staying the Course?

What Kind of Year Are You Having? Have their been changes or are you staying the course?

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” ~ opening line of Chapter 3 of Zora Neale Hurston’s novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God.

A childhood friend of mine (from my childhood MN days) had that quote in one of her recent blog posts. She went on to state that “Beautifully, beautifully, this has been a year with many answers”. I think that is so reflectively splendid.

That quote and her response really gave me pause. You see, this year (at least so far) has asked questions and answered them. The questions answered included whether or not I should even continue to tutor this year.  As it turns out, demand has skyrocketed, and in areas where demand had been small in the past.

My motivation to rediscover myself behind years of accumulated detours and dead ends continues. But the year and circumstances do continue to ask me questions.  I have resurrected a part of myself that I hid away after a lot of pain. I don’t need to hide anymore. Nope. I really don’t.

I can enjoy health, healthy eating, exercise, returning to the person I was—fit both internally and externally. The girl that was filled with Tigger-like joy and never thought of hiding herself.

Have the people that caused the pain changed? Nope. They haven’t, but I have :-). You see, when the Big Bad Wolf bangs mightily on your door, he counts on your terror so that he can overpower you. He can only devour you if you are on the ground trembling, or running and falling.

BUT if you throw open the door, and blow right back at him, he loses his power. AND even if he does NOT lose his power, guess what? You don’t face the battle alone.  

What will I do with this leg of my journey? In a sense, for many years, I have been spontaneously reacting to circumstances; been reactive rather than proactive, and have been formulating strategy on the fly for years. Perhaps that is because I get so busy putting out fires and trying to maintain tasks. Maybe the fires happen when I don’t plan better. That is my quandary at times. Do you wonder about that too? I let my heart and soul journey to my beloved shore when I feel that way. Is there a place you take your heart to reflect and ponder? God helps me make that journey to my shore.

All the strategic planning I did in my corporate life, before leaving that behind to raise my son is still in my blood. I like and liked making a plan, setting a strategy, and tweaking it along the way. In reality I have been a lifelong strategic planner. But you see, God is really the guide. It is HIS plan and journey I seek these days, not mine. His plans and His ways are far more marvelous and authentic than any strategy I could dream up on my own. Indeed, He sets my feet on high places long before I sense danger. He calls to me on the high paths and canyons. He calls me to waters to refresh, to sunrises and sunsets and starry nights to inspire me. He calls me to the valleys to see the forests.

He is the one who brings me students, and when I have been overwhelmed for far too long, He brings me a session cancellation or two so that I take the breather He wants me to take.

This week, one of my (and His) precious students that wants to take the ASVAB (armed services entrance test) will take the test on Friday. Earlier this week I asked for prayers for Duncan, and I continue to ask for prayers.

There are other students that need prayers—but for now, for this week, focus on Duncan prayers.

Anyway, I hope that as we march through November that this year has given you questions that inspire, and answers that reassure, comfort, relieve, or remind you of the Best Friend of All. He has given me many answers and a lot of gentle prodding this year.

He has blessed me with friendships through this blog that lead me to Him…and give me joy, support, peace, beauty, inspiration, laughter…..You see, even when I am lonely in the midst of my busy days, knowing that out there in the grand blog-o-sphere I have friends, supporters, people who inspire me and have my back….well it surely is a blessing with a capital BLESS.

What kind of year am I having, despite challenges and stress? Splendid and blessed. I hope that the blessings in your life have been nearly countless. Sometimes what starts out seeming NOT like a blessing ends UP being a blessing!

So which is it for you this year (so far)? Changes or staying the course? A year that asks questions or a year that answers questions?


About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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22 Responses to What Kind of Year Are You Having? Changes or Staying the Course?

  1. Kate, can I answer “all of the above?” “Tigger-like joy” I like that.

  2. dogear6 says:

    I hadn’t quite thought of some years bring questions and others bring answers. It did seem to me though that some years brought pain and problems, while other years were more joyful and not so hanging on my fingertips. As I practice gratitude though, the years seem much better in general.


  3. Caddo Veil says:

    As always, Kate, you inspire me! I too have been blessed to overflowing by my blog family–I’m pinching myself even as I write this! God is SO Good to bring His world to me, and to offer me a place in it where I can feel “of use” (if you haven’t read “Cider House Rules”, that is in the beginning–not sure you’d really like the book, but it’s very human and there are some redeeming aspects to the story…). At first, I confess I felt bad that you were “always tutoring”–I missed your frequent and wonderful posts; but that’s just selfish of me, and in truth, I’m very very happy that you are doing such a good work which brings you great satisfaction, even as you enrich the lives of others. Yep, I’m praying confidently for Duncan–I think this will be “his year”! As far as your question–I think the year has been full of both questions and answers for me. I feel very “full” of God’s blessings–and like you, I grow more and more comfortable with who I am, as God continues to settle the issues of whether I am worthy/good enough/likeable/loveable. The demons of the past are finally “getting it”–that they must flee in the name of Jesus, in the blessed and glorious Presence of God’s Holy Spirit. What a wonderful season, the eager anticipation once again of the birth of the Holy One–it doesn’t get any better than this, until God calls us Home, of course! God bless you, sweet Sis Kate–I love you, sis Caddo

    • Kate Kresse says:

      i am so grateful for your constancy and inspiring perspectives (and poetry of course). Believe me, when i tutor as much as i have, i truly miss the outlets that blogging and exercising give me. i feel less whole in one area and more in another. but it isn’t a zero sum game, of course. over-tutoring depletes me—-but i am going to find new solutions to that in 2013–through chunks of time….CARPE DIEM

  4. Judy says:

    I love that quote. This has definitely been a year of questions…still waiting for answers. Thanks for an encouragine post. Judy

  5. Mike Fisk says:

    Thanks Kate. This year has certainly brought some unexpected blessings as well as challenges. Thanks for the reminder of looking back. We serve a great God who is by our side through every year. God Bless. ~ Mike

  6. Wow. It’s been a year of CHANGES for us. Two grown offspring taking up housekeeping elsewhere, almost simultaneously, and taking furniture with them! 😉 So, reappointing two bedrooms (on a budget), cleaning floors I hadn’t seen since we grouted them, learning to do my ironing in the NEW sewing room, figuring what to put into each closet without overstuffing them, AND, traveling more, to visit these missing ones. Hmm. So, yeh, changes.
    And QUESTIONS about my rearranged life. And I’m beginning to think some of these questions still do not have answers because I don’t like the looks of the answers that have appeared, so far. But perhaps it’s just that God knows I cannot handle any answers until I get my life back in order a bit better.
    So, whether it’s timing or my stubbornness, mostly it’s been a year of changes and questions.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      I love this part especially and it feels so appropriate and applicable to me: ” I’m beginning to think some of these questions still do not have answers because I don’t like the looks of the answers that have appeared, so far. But perhaps it’s just that God knows I cannot handle any answers until I get my life back in order a bit better.
      So, whether it’s timing or my stubbornness, mostly it’s been a year of changes and questions.” THANKS!!!

  7. Oh, what a year it has been for me — lots of changes and LOADS of joy! No matter the circumstances, God is always in control and that alone gives us joy and also the strength to carry on. Awesome post, Kate! By the way, the Liebster Blog landed in my lap recently and I passed it on to you in my post today. I know you’ve probably already have been awarded this one, but I just wanted to share your blog with my readers too. Be blessed!

  8. auntyuta says:

    I regard every year after seventy as a bonus year. So far I’ve had eight bonus years already. If I’m lucky there are a few more to come. Old age brings some challenges. However there are still quite a few things to be enjoyed. Unexpected expense or price rises can be a challenge at times. But to feel financially totally secure is probably granted to a very few people in this world. Often we depend on the good will of other people and the generosity of God. In an ideal world what comes from God would be shared equally amongst people. I don’t think God wants people to be that poor that they have no means of survival: For instance clean air, fresh water, land to grow food in and build shelters . . . . .

  9. Kate Kresse says:

    may your joys be plentiful in 2013 dear uta! and i agree with you by the way…

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