Prayer Request for One of My Cherished Students

For months now I have been tutoring a young man that has his heart set on getting into the Air Force. He had already taken the ASVAB test (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test) a few months ago and came up short. That is when he brought me into the picture. He needed help with math.

I have tutored other students that were trying to pass this same test. With me filling in the gaps, almost every one of them made it in. This one, Duncan, is one of the ones that has really touched my heart. He is a very special young man. He is dedicated and has a work ethic and respect level that are truly amazing. He had trouble in the past memorizing his math facts. Then a few weeks ago he and I spent 3 1/2 hours drilling math facts. He got them. He was so very thrilled. You see, the ASVAB test is a timed test. Now that he knows the math facts, the strategies and procedures that I have taught him will help him do well.

He is taking the test this Friday (11/16/2012) sometime after 1PM MST. The specific time will depend on traffic, and how crowded the test center is. This is his last chance (for at least a year, if not forever) to pass this test. I am asking everyone to pray for Duncan. Pray that he keeps everything in his head that he will need. Pray that he stays calm, and works accurately and effectively — in his preparations this week and during the test.

Pray that Duncan passes — preferably with flying colors, but at least a high enough score that he gets in.

His confidence has grown along with his skill. He is working and praying. He is a good young man.

Please spread the word and pray for Duncan. It would mean so very much to him (and to me).


About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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20 Responses to Prayer Request for One of My Cherished Students

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Absolutely praying for Duncan–thanks, Kate, for letting us know! I have great faith for him!! God bless you big–love, sis Caddo

    • Kate Kresse says:

      oh thank you so much. i so much want him to make it in. his sweet heart is set on it, he has worked so very, very hard. i pray that he holds all he has learned in his head at LEAST long enough to successfully get through the test on Friday….. praying BIG!!!!! love you, —sis Kate

  2. Lucid Gypsy says:

    When my son was a little boy we visited a Royal Navy frigate on an open day. He was about 9 and decided that he wanted to be in the Navy when he grew up. Four years later he was told he is colour blind at a school eye test and given a list of careers he could not pursue, the Navy was one of them. He was devastated and went astray. At 19 he went to the Navy careers office anyway and was told there were choices for him after all. He joined up and now 12 years later is a chief petty officer teaching I submarine school! You can imagine how proud I am.
    I will certainly add my prayers for Duncan and well done you for helping him along the way.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Gilly ~ what a journey of hope and redemption your son has had. How thrilling that he was able to have his deeply cherished dream after all. I am proud of him, too and join in your joy. Thanks for the prayer support for Duncan!

  3. misswhiplash says:

    It’s as good a done…we shall all pray for Duncan…and we all know how strong Prayer is

  4. fgassette says:

    Praying for Duncan!


  5. Certainly adding my prayers, as you know, Kate! 🙂

  6. Kate, I’m praying for Duncan too. You have helped us to see him so we can pray with the feeling that we know him. I sent a link to this page to the person in charge of prayer requests at our church. Our Pastor is retired Air Force.
    In His love,

  7. Jayne says:

    I would be happy to pray for Duncan, Kate! I hope he achieves his dream!

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