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Thankfulness and Happiness

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Want to Join Blog of the Year?

 I haven’t posted about awards in a bit. I received this award from my friend at And–there is a FaceBook page for it too! I thank you for the award. You touched my heart, you really did! And here … Continue reading

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Thanksgivings through the years

Do holidays and other occasions make you reflective? They do that to me! Thanksgiving holds so many memories for me. When I was in elementary school, Thanksgiving and Christmas were frequently spent at my grandparents homes. In those days there … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Book: Go Irish

Now, I have friends who are authors. The man that wrote the book in this post is an old friend of mine, and a truly wonderful guy. He and my husband were classmates at Notre Dame. His heart is as … Continue reading

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Kate and the 5K-Updated With Photos!

It is Friday night–I completed the 5K, and was TIRED!! It was fairly hilly and some dirt roads and some blacktop. I will post more on Saturday, but I wanted you to know I survived. I did NOT quit. I … Continue reading

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Off We Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder…

For those of you who have been praying for my dear student Duncan, I got a call from him while I was in the midst of my very first 5K! He had received about a 46 the last time he … Continue reading

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How Life’s Speed Bumps Broke My Heart, But Now I Can Rise Up

Friday November 16, 2012. After months of my eating healthy and walking for fitness, I am participating in a 5K today. I register at 3 and walk and run at 5-ish. Although it is called a run, I will no … Continue reading

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What Kind of Year Are You Having? Changes or Staying the Course?

What Kind of Year Are You Having? Have their been changes or are you staying the course? There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” ~ opening line of Chapter 3 of Zora Neale Hurston’s novel, Their Eyes Were Watching … Continue reading

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Prayer Request for One of My Cherished Students

For months now I have been tutoring a young man that has his heart set on getting into the Air Force. He had already taken the ASVAB test (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test) a few months ago and came … Continue reading

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Operation Ooh-Rah: Marine Corps Birthday

Today is the birthday of the Marine Corps. The Navy and Marines (according to Wikipedia) were established together in 1775. The Marine Corps began November 10, 1775. They have been taking the hill and protecting us ever since. My dad … Continue reading

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This is a silly thing to do with food

And to think when i was a young PTA mom I might have felt inferior if one of the mom’s brought this to the potluck dinner! Oh the silliness!! It is free-ing to be older and have a much healthier … Continue reading

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Pondering Friday and the Week Ahead

I am so glad it is Friday. This has been both an important week for me. Some students had breakthroughs, and some rushed pell mell into more hiding from excellence. Yet the week rushed by. I have only two students … Continue reading

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My niece voted for the first time and is wondering…

My wonderful niece, Kristen, voted for the first time yesterday. Today she posted this question, that I want to share with you. She understands an important part of the big picture, but due to her age, she doesn’t understand the … Continue reading

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If You Get the Chance to Sit it Out or Vote: I Hope You Vote

We have heard SOOO much about the “swing states” for the past few months that many of us are ready to scream. Those of us who live in non-swing states at times feel that our vote is irrelevant, and that … Continue reading

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Seven Word Sundays

My friend Caddo has started something called Seven Word Sundays. This is like 5 Word Fridays and 6 Word Saturdays. I think I am kind of supposed to come up with (in this case) 7 words that describe “where I … Continue reading

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Listen: Tuesday is My Turn to Vote (and Yours)

Most of the time I do not blog about politics. We are closing in on election day. My long ago ancestors cherished the right to vote. I, like most citizens walk in the footsteps and stand on the shoulders of … Continue reading

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An Editorial for all of us for the Greatest Generation We stand on the shoulders of those who led the way. My mom called me today to read this editorial to me. She was moved to tears by it. So was I. I just had to share it with … Continue reading

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