I Want a Longer Weekend!

I am feeling SOOOO lazy today. I still want a longer weekend! Okay—I think I actually want an 8 day week so I still have my 5 days to tutor, but then get 3 days off!

What’s going on in your life right now that’s driving you nuts? I am playing a bit of catch-up in SO many areas of my life. With my evidence-gathering from having my identity stolen, I am already behind.

What is driving me nuts is that I cannot stop time and catch up on everything. I would love to be able to be caught up on everything in the next few days. When my things-to-do list gets 500 miles long, I want to stop time, get every single thing done, give myself a major pat on the back, and then put my feet up.

My sensible self tells me that is impossible, and to set a reasonable goal and congratulate myself for meeting it. But sometimes setting a realistic goal (like for instance getting 3 things done from my list), then getting those things done and congratulating myself for it feels like….well…congratulating myself for the major accomplishment of putting my shoes on and tying them all in the same day. It seems like an artificial accomplishment. So, to answer the question, what is driving me nuts?? I am driving myself nuts.

Why do I do that? Why do I run in circles and bark—that is really what i am doing, isn’t it? It is silly, ridiculous, and incredibly time consuming. I feel as though I am watching myself and i am behaving like Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets when he keeps repeating the same self-defeating behaviors. But he, at least, had a psychological explanation for it. With me, I wonder if I angst over it because I just don’t want to make myself get started….Do i feel that if i can’t get it all done it isn’t worth beginning? Gracious, I tell my students to put in 10 minutes at a time if necessary. If they do that 6 times, they will have put in the hour and be closer to completion…..that’s my vent.

I suppose we need to take mini-mental vacations each day; make the most of our days off. But there ARE days when I miss the days of childhood when I could throw myself on the lawn to find clovers and flowers to weave into necklaces and chains. Yes there were chores, but oh gosh—I sure knew how to relax! But adults have many things to handle, and perhaps that is the difference.

Amid our responsibilities and worries though, we as adults have a hard-wired need/hunger to metaphorically jump in mud puddles, make daisy chains, have a s’more….hence, Sunday IS to be a day of rest! I would love to have 2 Sundays each week. As I said, I’d like an 8 day week! 

Guess what? Next weekend I get my wish! :-). Hello daisy/clover chains!! Now all I need to do is find a field of clovers or daisies…… I may not find one. But I vow here and now to find a way to have restorative joyous relaxation!


About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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10 Responses to I Want a Longer Weekend!

  1. Oh how I wish that wishes were enough to bring our dreams to fruition! I definitely wouldn’t be living on earth. Lovely post!

  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Kate, my “nephew” (honorary blog relative) Chaz, keeps a “Done” list–rather than a to-do list. He says it works much better, to check off/write down what he’s done, rather than fretting about all the “other things”. And other folks are catching onto this idea too–I, for one, especially need it on days when I’m in slo-mo. What’s driving me nuts today? You’ll probably regret asking! I’m dealing with “mood issues” which conveniently (?) occur pre-full moon (but not always, and not so I can truly schedule my life around them)–the “dark” descends, followed by a yo-yo deal (lows and highs), which is exhausting, confusing, frustrating–waaaahhh! And YES, I’ll be fine!! God bless you abundantly–much love, sis Caddo (Hey, what about making those gum wrapper chains???)

    • Kate Kresse says:

      oh yo-yo-ing! that happens with me, too! gum wrapper chains—i was horrible at those and horrible t those lanyards we wove at camp. just horrible!!! clovers were more forgiving and no one could tell my knots were not pretty!!

      i love Chaz’s idea of the Done list. much better perspective!!

  3. I think the whole world is nuts, so I don’t feel so alone! 😉

  4. territerri says:

    I do this too. I constantly remind myself of everything that needs doing, even when there’s little chance I can get it all done. And if I sit and relax for a moment, my conscience tells me to stop being lazy because there MUST be something that needs doing!

    A friend just told me about a policy her parents had for weekends at their family cabin at the lake. They agreed to work hard until lunch time. After that, it was play time. I think that’s a very healthy way to face all those domestic obligations.

  5. But I think if I had an 8 day week I’d just be that much more fatigued! LOL! I think we just need to make our lists a little shorter, don’t you? D

  6. Kate Kresse says:

    Oh sure, Deb—bring realism, logic, sense, and kindness into it!!! LOL—of course you are right!

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