Is There a Wall or Mountain in Your Way?

In trying to determine the possibilities and requirements for my mom, I have been thinking. In looking at doorways and entrances into rooms and making them wheelchair accessible, I have had to decide which walls are support walls and which are not. That of course got me to thinking. Is that analogous to obstacles we face? Are some of the walls we face limits that are there for our own good?

Are some of our obstacles things that we can overcome if we attack them a little at a time? Of course they are. For example, when it comes to my own physical condition, it would have been foolhardy to try to run a marathon a month ago. It would be foolhardy to run one today. But I could already easily walk a 5K! Bit by bit I get stronger.

What about the emotional speed bumps? I am getting closer to discovering them~which means the solutions can be discovered, too. You see, if you are trying to plow a field and come upon a wall of rocks, you cannot possibly carry them away in your arms all at once, can you? So, too with things that hurt our hearts and get in the way of wholeness. They are like this wall:

That wall creates a barrier~and we cannot run free. But as we take apart our resistance to wholeness and authenticity, we can begin to clear that field. Now have all those rocks been useless? Quite the contrary. Those same stones, heartaches, and barriers will be put to good use, won’t they? Why yes, as we carry them from our field, those very lessons learned will become the stepping stones that carry our joyous feet across the rivers and streams to new wholeness. You see? it hasn’t been a waste at all. So pat yourself on the back! Can you think of a time when a lesson learned carried you across new streams? I’d love to hear about it!

About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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14 Responses to Is There a Wall or Mountain in Your Way?

  1. mlissabeth says:

    On my site is a post called “Acrostic for Me” about a new insight I had recently related to “survivor guilt.” It was very freeing.

  2. Caddo Veil says:

    I’m having a great “ah ha” moment, on reading that some walls are “support walls”. Thank you for this, Kate–I suspect I’ve wasted a lot of energy trying to take down support walls in the past, and wondered why I was so worn out and heartbroken. Next time, I’ll check with the architect or foreman on the job–the Boss who knows more than I do! God bless you Big–love, sis Caddo

    • Kate Kresse says:

      thanks sis Caddo! I know~remodeling is way beyond our skills if we do it without the architect! we tend to plow into things and ask later. when we do that, ooops! quelle tragique

  3. Gilly Gee says:

    Very inspiring Kate.

  4. GodGirl says:

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, especially what you said about the lessons learned carrying us across future stepping stones.
    I’ve faced obstacles such as emotional abuse from a family member, and still struggle to forgive and let go. But I do know that what I’ve learnt through the experience is part of the bigger picture of my life. Because I’ve navigated that, I am better equipped for dealing with similar people/situations/issues in the future. And it’s given me more compassion for what others go through.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Ali-i am truly sorry about the emotional abuse you went through. It is my fervent hope and prayer that love you have experienced since then has empowered you and given you the ability to help others. I am certain that your love and compassion for others will be a healing force for them and gladden your heart, too. thanks so much for stopping by.

      • GodGirl says:

        Thanks so much Kate, for your prayers and compassionate words. God can do amazing things through those who’ve been through heartache can’t he? God bless,

  5. dorannrule says:

    My walls have not been insurmountable, but I cry for the walls my friends and family have recently had to face. They have become my own walls too, with so little I can do to help. Thanks for sharing this Kate. It’s an apt analogy.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Dora you have such heart. You are always reaching out to others. I am certain that when you reach your hand across those walls that they are greatly comforted and strengthened. Thanks, Dora.

  6. Oh, YES. The girl we adopted, who had fetal alcohol syndrome and who we thought would be just fine, given enough love, and who never adopted us in return and did not turn out just fine — that girl was the catalyst that drove us to homeschool. Would not trade that for anything.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Wonderful example of how a difficulty becomes a blessing. Our hearts ache for the difficulty, yet they rejoice for the subsequent blessings that came from boldly stepping forward in faith.

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