My Life-long Friendship with Books

Long-time readers of my blog will recognize some of this post. I am uninspired this week—so some of it is pasted in, but I have added some new thoughts to it, too. I decided not to wait any longer for new inspiration…..I am starting to avoid writing, and that is not a habit that i want to encourage! Bless your day—

In today’s Amazon and Kindle/I-Pad world it is easy to forget the simple joys of holding a real book in your hands. When I was growing up we didn’t just rush off and buy books. We did read though. We went to the library. When I lived in a small town in MN, my friends and I spent endless hours at the library. We would walk to and from the library (unaccompanied by adults—how idyllic). The children’s librarian was named Miss Cathy. Miss Cathy knew us by name because we were there so often. At the time there was a check-out limit of 4 books. We would comb through the library and end up selecting way more than 4 books. Then we’d plop down at a table and read as much as we could before we had to head home. We would try to narrow down our selections to 4 books apiece. Oh, the agony of having to part with even one of the precious gems until the next visit. Every once in awhile we couldn’t narrow it down to less than 5 or 6. At those times, Miss Cathy would occasionally relent and let us check out extras. Other times she’d save them for us so we could check them out the next time.

On the way home we would (and here is the funny part) read the books aloud to each other…at the same time! I read many book series. Unlike many girls at the time, though, I was definitely NOT enamored with the various horse series–the Black Stallion series and Misty of Chiconteague, etc were not my cup of tea. As a matter of fact, my dad was just sure he had read Black Beauty and loved it. I read it and did NOT love it. It made me mad from the beginning “I remember my pasture days…”—made me mad to think I was to believe the horse wrote the book. Dad had me read it again (he was sure he’d loved it)! Still didn’t like it! Years later I had to read it again for my 7th grade teacher—and we each had to go to her desk and give an oral book report. I told her I thought it was the worst book I ever read. she said “what would you say about it if I said it was my favorite book of all time:?” I thought about my grade, thought about the book, and said I still did not like it, and didn’t believe horses could type. She gave me my A. ;-). After that 3rd time my dad realized the horse book he’d loved was “Smokey the Horse” by I think Will James. He was right. That WAS a good horse book. but I digress.

Rather, I preferred series that involved families in poverty yet having glorious lives, people suffering nobly through illnesses, and imaginitive people glorying in small town life. What series of books did you love? Did you fall in love with reading as a result?

I loved the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace, The BorrowersThe 5 Little Peppers series (remember Phronsie and the little oven doors?), The Little House BooksThe All-of-a-Kind Family books. Little Women and all the others that Louisa May Alcott wrote, and of course, Anne of Green Gables,  KarenThe Birds’ Christmas Carol (by Kate Douglas Wiggins–single book, not a series)  and Red Shoes for Nancy. Each of these series had characters that I fell in love with–and even imagined being. The Betsy-Tacy series takes place in MN. Betsy wanted to be a writer and entertained her friends Tacy and Tib with stories that she created. (Yep-she was my favorite). Little Women had Jo that wanted to be a writer (ditto…and btw I REALLY didn’t like Amy  ). Anne Shirley and Laura Ingalls wanted to be writers, and teachers. Loved all of these series. Revisited them over the years. These led me to biographies–of the writers and other people like them and/or from those times. That led me to history books…which led me to art and architecture. Reading this wide variety of books created layers of texture within me.

These books all moved my mind and heart to write. As my endless appetite for books grew, Miss Cathy gave me special permission to have access to check out books from the HS room even though I was only in 4th or 5th grade at the time. This was a special room at the Winona Public library. It was behind beautiful glass paneled doors and had big tables and armchairs in it. Wow was that a thrill! She made sure I challenged myself and didn’t just read junk. It was a BIG DEAL to enter that room!! On occasion she’d recommend books to me — Uncle Tom’s Cabin and To Kill a Mockingbird are two that come to mind. Atticus Finch was my new hero. So noble and true! My librarian became a guiding force in her own special way. My parents always encouraged my voracious reading.

The summer reading programs kept me busy writing synopses of the books I read. The summer between 4th and 5th grade I decided to write a children’s book. It was about a little girl named Monica and her summer escapades. Monica wore a miraculous medal and kept her mind on God rather than on “wrongful things”.

I wrote the book on special scratch pads that my dad gave me. I even illustrated the book. Then I wrote and illustrated a second copy. Why? I had decided I was going to bring the books to Miss Cathy so she could add them to the shelves for the children to check out. I even made 3 cards for the card catalog (Title, Author, and Subject) for each copy. I assumed that is how all books came to be at the library. I was sure the authors went to each library and brought copies of their books to the librarian.

On my next trip to the library I gave the books to Miss Cathy and handed her the cards for the card catalog as well. What do you suppose she did?

She thanked me for the books. Then she immediately got out her supplies. She put tags on the bindings. She put pockets and check out cards inside each book. We went to the card catalog and she let ME put the cards in where she belonged. She put copy #2 on the shelf and she checked out copy #1 so she could be the first to read it. Now THAT is an awesome librarian. How life-affirming! I knew then and there that I would always write. Not only because there is so much I want to say. But also because when I write, others can read it — and perhaps it can move their hearts the way authors have moved my heart. We all love having our hearts moved, don’t we? That is why we cherish books, songs, plays, movies, gorgeous scenery, and each other.

I continued to love and read and learn. In high school, the year I took US History (my sophomore year), my class took a 3 day field trip to Washington D.C. Yes, I was in love with political science and knew I’d love seeing the government in action. However, the part that meant the most to me was the day we went to the Library of Congress. Our guide mentioned that EVERY book was there. EVERY book. Well, I wondered if my little book was there: So I said to her “every book?” She clarified….”Every published book”.

I vowed then and there that someday I would be published and be in the Library of Congress. I remember how the library looked, the sun dappled staircase and the shadows on the wall. I remember the springtime flowers blooming outside the library. I just remember that moment. Now I went on with my life, pursued my college degree and Master’s degree. I worked for numerous companies and volunteered many places. In the back of my mind, though, I held fast to my dream. A number of years later,a friend from grad school and  I did publish a book (nonfiction) and it IS in the Library of Congress. Wow, that made me so happy. Again, not for the potential of being rich and famous; that didn’t happen. But it just made me feel so glad to know that my published book is there! Insomniacs would love to read it: Understanding Foodservice Financial Management (By Jeannie Sneed and Kathryn Henderson Kresse)…..wait—wake up!!! I’m not done yet!

To this day I spend hours in libraries and bookstores reading. Every now and then I wander over to check in on Betsy, Jo, Phronsie, Laura Ingalls….my old friends…and I so want to thank those lovely authors, and of course Miss Cathy.

I am thankful for the talents that God has instilled in each of us. When we use these gifts (whether it is the gift of writing, the gift of learning, the gift of sharing or the gift of loving to read) the world’s tapestry grows more beautiful. Good old Gutenberg did us a HUGE favor when he invented that printing press, didn’t he? Benjamin Franklin knew what he was doing when he estabished the first lending library. This puts the world at our fingertips.

My son shares my passion for books and for writing. He, too, published a book and is working on more books. He, like Pat Conroy, has piles of notebooks filled with notes for future books and projects. Nurtured hearts in turn nurture others. Books filled with inspiration inspire minds and hearts to seek their calling.

I hope that today’s blog post brought back fond memories of books that were special to you! I wish you special memories — and armloads of books.

About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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25 Responses to My Life-long Friendship with Books

  1. Deb says:

    This was wonderful, Kate! It reminded me so much of my childhood days. My sisters and friends and I rode our bikes to the library often, and treasured our books (many of those you mentioned). I’m going to share this with my niece, who loves to read and to write. I know she will enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you so much for writing it… I hope you will get past your (I’m sure temporary) writer’s block soon. Take care!

    • Kate Kresse says:

      I am so glad we share a love of books and have happy library memories around some of the same books. May your niece continue to love books and writing. It will continue to make her life laden with layers of memories and joy. I think my writer’s block will pass. Perhaps my brain is taking a bit to re-boot!

  2. Kate, my love of books I think is as deep as your own, I have a spare bedroom which has a wall of books, I just love touching them, the feel and the smell of old books and I have some First editions too… leather bound with gold trim… which you have to be careful turning the pages, but I Just love them…
    Words and Books will in my own opinion never be replaced with these Kindle Pads, I dont own one and never will.. Give me a Book Every time…
    Sorry Ive not been around recently Kate.. Ive had much to do in Dreamwalkers world of late.. But saw your new update and came straight by…
    Ive given up on my inbox now 600 plus to open…
    Take care and enjoy your weekend Kate.. ~Sue x

    • Kate Kresse says:

      i have been sporadic at best. my email is jam packed, too—i can’t seem to get to it lately at all. i,too, have a wall of books. i do hope all has been well in your dreamwalker’s world. thanks for stopping by. what are your favorite books on your wall of books?

      • Mostly Spiritual -Enlightening ones A few Catherine Cookson Novels, Books about Self Help, Meditation, Health, Crystals, Animals Nature, Painting Books, I used to when younger love a good Love Story,,, Now I read Lots of what many may think way-out books And I have revisited some I read in the early 90’s which when I first read them, I too thought they were Way Out there.. But on re-visiting them, Many of the things have already started to happen..
        Ive just started one by Gregg Braden, Deep Truth.. And this is now making a lot of sense to me..
        But I think my Favourite of all is a Wordsworth First Edition… Book of Poems… This I go to when I need to recharge and chill……. As I lovingly turn the pages.. His poetry is beautiful…
        Enjoy your weekend Kate.. Hugs Sue xx

        • Kate Kresse says:

          I used to read so much fiction, and now I love ones that help my current journey–inspiration, spiritual, organizational, teaching, optimistic….all kinds of books like that—and books about healthy living/healthy diet/exercise/ de-cluttering/ and oh so much more. hope your weekend has been a good one. Hugs back—kate

  3. Holding a book in your hands is a wonderful love relationship, Its always there when you need someone to hold you, or you need to hold someone, the book is your best half, you can always open the covers and read, enjoy the moment and let your thoughts roam free! And all that its asks is for you to give it a little of your precious time!

    • Kate Kresse says:

      that is such a lovely way to put it, Wendell. Our books sweep us away and let our minds soar, don’t they? what a wondrous thing it is to capture the minds and hearts of readers–you surely do that with your poetry!

  4. Gilly Gee says:

    Lots of library books but I can’t remember any titles, why it that?

  5. Dor says:

    I too love books – real books that you can hold in your hands. I forgot about that when I received a Kindle for Christmas and for a whole year I held that electronic gadget and tried to tell myself it was better. Then it started losing my place and there were no page numbers. So my husband gave me an upgraded version – a Kindle Touch. But it didn’t like my touch and I spent more time worrying about how hard or soft to touch it that I couldn’t enjoy reading. I am back to books – real books. And what a happy reunion it is! Thanks for reminding me about the real joys of reading real books Kate. We don’t know what we have until we lose it. 🙂 Dor

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Oh Dor, I know what you mean. I do have a kindle and it is fun to have especially when i travel. that way i can bring along a bunch of books in one small packet. But is there anything more delightful than drifting off to sleep while reading? I think not!!

  6. I love books, too, Kate, ad sometimes have to balance between the love of reading and the love of books. Both tend to be tied together, but they are different. Sometimes I end up collecting so many books but don’t have the time I once did for reading! I enjoyed hearing more about how you’ve been inspired and what books mean to you…and I’m glad you got back to writing. I would suppose it’s just been difficult to find the time! Debra

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Part of it was finding the time. But the other part is not knowing what in the world I wanted to write about…just couldn’t get started. Usually I just sit down and start wiritng. It was as though I ran out of words and ideas!! BTW for some reason your comment ended up in my spam box. I have NO idea why that happened. I hope to find new ways to be inspired in my writing….thanks so much for your comments…

  7. Terri O.A. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself Kate! 🙂

  8. AlohaKarina says:

    Fabulous–and congrats on being in the Library of Congress.

    Your Librarian was amazing. What a fabulous, fabulous woman! 🙂

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Thanks Karina~and you are right. Miss Cathy was a fabulous woman—we were only in that town until I was partway through 6th grade~yet she had a forever impact on me.

  9. You asked about favorite series. Mine was Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, The woman could cure the charactger flaws in ANY child with her ridiculous ideas. Our 4th-grade teacher would read us her stories aloud just after lunch recess, to give us time to quieten and cool down after rambunctious play in the noon sun. I guarantee you we were quiet for those zany tales. 😉

    • Kate Kresse says:

      ooohhh!!! squealing while delightedly jumping up and down! I LOVED Mrs. Piggle Wiggle! My 4th grade teacher always read to us after lunch recess too :-).

      • Me too. Remember the kid who would not wash, and they planted radish seeds all over him to teach him how dirty he was? Ha!
        I don’t think adults especially loved these books, but kids sure did!
        And we washed, too! 😀
        You know, I just looked it up, and I think those books are still available! Wow! You should google her and just read the book reviews for a trip through nostalgialand. Hundreds of folks are remembering her from 50 years ago! Ha!

        • Kate Kresse says:

          Oh I especially loved that one — one of my grandmas absolutely loved radishes. There was never a gathering at her house without radishes!! I will have to google her today :-). Some childhood memories are ever so precious—and her books were especially special!!

  10. Caddo Veil says:

    I LOVE this, Kate–happiness, to me, was always an “armload of books”! And I’m a big Atticus fan, too. So laughing at your strong feelings about horses who cannot write or type–ha ha ha!!! God bless you abundantly today–love, sis Caddo

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Gosh it made me made. As I said to anyone who would listen, if he was smart enough to type and create a book, why didn’t he just grab Ginger and run away? Oh it made me furious!!! God bless you too!!

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