Feeling A Little Smurfy

Do you remember the smurfs and their little song? la-la-la-la-la-la….They were popular when my husband and I first got married. When we’d be going about our Saturday morning they would come on TV. We always got such a kick out of Grouchy Smurf.
He’d have a negative attitude about everything. If the Smurfs were going on a picnic he’d proclaim in a grouchy voice “I hate picnics”…whatever the adventure, his response was the same… “I hate [fill-in-the-blank]”. Of course, he always went with the rest of the smurfs and always enjoyed whatever they did. The rest of the smurfs were all wonderful–but he cracked us up. We’d even use his lines at times~all in jest.

Yesterday was SO stressful. Today the sun came up literally and figuratively~and I am feeling smurfy, singing my smurfy song. I am in a praise-and-worship mood.My mom is less stressed about her move to the physical rehab facility and sounded upbeat today. Your prayers and wishes helped her immensely, and I thank you. Β I got a good night’s sleep. It is Saturday and it is family time.

I am beyond grateful for the prayers many of you have offered and the wonderful supportive comments. I thank you. Don’t faint, but I am going to be brief today. I am going to thank you once again and wish you love.

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” ~ Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Β This morning, in my mind’s eye, I am at the shore. I can almost hear the waves and feel the sand between my toes. May the peace that passes all understanding fill your heart today.

About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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18 Responses to Feeling A Little Smurfy

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh this is SO lovely–I am relieved and so grateful that things are a bit better, smoother, Kate. And I am always honored and happy to continue prayers for you and your family–if for no other reason than to thank God for you!! love, sis Caddo

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Whew me too!! Long and distracted stressful week, but ending up so much better. You are in my prayers of gratitude today. Your prayers, thoughts, wonderful words and friendship sustained me. Love to you today~ my family and I will be on the run a bit today in a good way….then church and getting together with some people afterwards for coffee. Should be a good day. Hugs and prayers, sis Kate

  2. reneeboomer says:

    LOVE your words!! Oh yes I remember the Smurfs….they were so darn cute. My Son still has two of the stuffed Smurfs we bought him when he was a little boy…I can’t quite recall which two, will ask him later. So happy you are having a great day and your Mom is calmer. Power of prayer. Enjoy your day….. la-la-la-la-la-la Renee πŸ™‚

  3. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    Oh…this “blissful” post is just what THE DOCTOR ordered πŸ˜€ AMEN!

  4. In my mind’s eye I am sitting on the sand beside you, praising God together, talking, singing the songs we both love and know so well. Sitting until it begins to grow dark and then our guys know with perfect timing to come start a bonfire and wrap their arms around each of us, respectivily.

    Loving thoughts fill my heart today knowing things are sunny today in your world. God is Grace and you my friend are one of the most graceful women I know and love~

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Oh what a perfectly splendid mind’s eye vision. I love that…with the waves lapping at the shore and the laughing gulls swooping about…yes that all would be SO perfect. I am hopeful that today finds you joyous, hope-filled, donning a red hat an enjoying a lovely day with your beloved guy. God bless you- love, Kate

  5. I’m chuckling at your comment about being brief! You’re so funny! I’m delighted that your mother is doing a little better emotionally. I know you must be so concerned for her. But we’ll just continue to pray that she does better every day! You, too πŸ™‚ Debra

  6. eof737 says:

    WISHING YOU WELL… PRAYERS COMING YOUR WAY! Sorry about the caps. πŸ˜‰

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