Ride the Horse

“Ride the horse in the direction it’s going” ~ Werner Erhard

I was talking to one of my fabulous students yesterday. As it so happens, she is an amazing, amazing equestrian. Beyond that, she is an amazing young lady as well. Now, she works very hard at her sport, she practices, she listens carefully to her instructor/coach and she excels in her competitions. She was showing me some photos yesterday, and in one silly photo she is there in her equestrian clothes, but sitting on her horse backwards. The photo was taken in good fun, and it gave us a good laugh. This isn’t her photo, but it makes a point as you will see. 

But this morning the photo she showed me and the quote above got me to thinking. It seems like an analogy, doesn’t it? I mean how can we progress if we sit backwards on the horse, and want the horse to go in the direction we erroneously face? The answer here is simple. We cannot progress and we will constantly be frustrated.

So perhaps on days when I am feeling particularly frustrated I need to re-think. What are my obstacles? Am I facing backwards? By that I mean am I focused on the possibilities and looking in the direction of and focusing my efforts on what I hope to accomplish? If God is carrying me forward, am I looking in the direction He is facing? Or am I re-hashing the past and looking backwards? I cannot overcome the obstacles in my path and sail to victory if I am sitting backwards and bemoaning the past. That is not the point of being on our horses, is it?

No! We are to ride boldly towards our futures, holding on with all our might, eyes open — sometimes screaming at the effort; but focusing on our task. We are expected to ride, and to overcome what is in our path. Some people have huge jumps and obstacles to overcome. some people have just jumps that appear to be sticks on the ground to overcome. It all takes effort.

Sometimes it is time to  just pat the horse and let the horse cool down. Sometimes we need a little respite. That is ok, and to be expected. Neither we nor our horses can run full tilt all the time. I think that is why I like this horse analogy today. Remember those old Western’s? Sometimes something would happen to the hero mid-ride. He would collapse on the horse. But somehow or other the horse would make it back to the cabin with the hero on his back. And when he arrived, the door would open, someone would come out, tend to the hero and bring him inside.

Later he would often be better. But the point is…God always brings us back to the cabin. At the cabin there is someone to love us.  

He supports our jumps, measures our strides, gives us strength for the journey….and ensures that we reach the ones we love so they can carry us in. God bless your day. After a long ride this week, may He lead you by lovely streams, through a cool forest, and then on home….whether you have ridden in huge contests or in your home, just know that He is with you through it all. Love to you~Kate

About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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23 Responses to Ride the Horse

  1. Kate….this is a wonderful post…full of sooooo many good ideas, reassurance and encouragment…thank you soooo much…I’m a bit tired…a very long ride this week…and a bit reluctant today, so I’m happy to be encouraged along through streams and forest to home…
    I’ll also print out a copy of that person sitting backwards on that horse…it speaks volumes, doesn’t it? : )

    • Kate Kresse says:

      It does speak volumes! SO glad you made it to the end of the week~and happy I could offer you a wee bit of encouragement. Celebrate you and rejoice in your weekend.

      • ah ha…I finally remembered/found where I got the photo and the idea of sitting backward on the horse….it’s here in your post!…hard to believe how quickly memories fade…(except a few that I’d rather not have… those seem to persist) I used that backwards sitting horseback rider, expanded on it and made it into a reminder for myself…and just now shared it with others. ,,thank you so much for that idea…kathy

  2. Caddo Veil says:

    This is amazingly good (as per usual). It makes me think of another “riding” analogy, but this is one my professional bull rider “sons” taught me. Staying on 1500-lb bulls that are bred to buck is not an easy career choice (duh)–and sometimes the boys go through a “slump”, where they couldn’t stay on a kitchen chair for 8 seconds, let alone bucking bulls. But my boys are a philosophical lot, and here’s the lesson: “you ride yourself into a slump–and you have to ride yourself out of the slump”. In other words, there is NO quitting–you just keep getting in the chute, do your best, and hopefully things will improve. Of course, my “praying” sons have an edge–regardless of slumps, injuries, bad times, they KNOW they’ll be okay if they keep holding tight to God’s Rope!!

  3. Kate Kresse says:

    Oh wow! I LOVE that lesson…”you ride yourself into a slump–and you have to ride yourself out of the slump”. that is an image-rich and deeply meaningful thought. WOW do I love that. No quitting indeed….and there’s no crying in baseball ;-). God bless

  4. Well, my friend, you’ve done it again! Love coming here!
    I often talk of the Christian life as “riding a Champion Who will win.” If we fall off the horse, we must get back on, because He is a Champion and He will win . . .
    Been in a “cool-down”, as you put it, lately, but thinking of going back to riding, soon. ❤

    • Kate Kresse says:

      your horse awaits you when you are ready! I went to the Little Brown Jug one year with my folks. That is like the Kentucky Derby for Standardbreds and Trotters. One of the horses stopped a few feet after he came out of the starting gate, walked over to the side of the track and start munching the grass. The jockey desperately smacked him with the whip; the horse picked his head up for a minute, glanced at the jockey, turned, and headed to the barn. LOL!

  5. great post Kate. I used to ride horses when younger.. Loved reading your thoughts here.. xx Sue

    • Kate Kresse says:

      Thanks Sue—did you do dressage or jumping? or trail ride, or??

      • I didnt go into competition, my family couldnt afford it.. But I was hooked,, out in the country where we lived the riding school took us treking.. so we would ride over the moors.. arrgh that brings back a few memories Kate. Nice ones and sad ones too.. but ones I keep close to my heart. xx

        • Kate Kresse says:

          I bet you can still recall the feeling of being on that horse and riding over the moors…..memories of our earlier years are ever in our hearts….

          • Yes Kate… I went on holiday in Majorca a few years back and went on a horse riding day out.. WOW! forgot how my muscles ached,, I got up next day walking like John Wayne.. :-)… But all good fun.. Night night Kate.. and thanks for keeping me company on a sleepless night 🙂 Hugs ~Sue xx

  6. You are very strong in sharing memorable metaphors. You’ve been prolific lately! Such an ability to inspire! Debra

  7. Nandini says:

    🙂 Nice post, Kate.

  8. joseyphina says:

    God bless you for such encouraging words!

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