Help! Are You Able to Post Comments Here??

**** Update: the problem that I described below on 2/20/2012 is fixed and I actually understand how to do it. THANK you to every blogger who commented and emailed and talked me through it. When I tell people WP has the most amazing community of bloggers EVER….I can now also add how you saved me from drowning in techno-waters…thank you so much.

Ok I have been messing around with my dashboard. I changed it to accepting comments without moderation. But then I lost track of who had commented where and had to search multiple pages in the event there were comments. I would reply on the comments page, but they were no longer landing on the post page. So I replied on the comment page and then also had to comment on the post page.

So I changed it again. Now I have it back at moderation status. so here is my question…if you try to comment on this is that what is happening? Will it at least accept your comment but tell you it is held for moderation? Seeking advice as to how to be sure not to overlook comments and yet make it hassle free for you to comment…Of course if it won’t let you comment I am hoping it will let you go to my gravatar and email me….. Advice?

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I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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70 Responses to Help! Are You Able to Post Comments Here??

  1. I’ll try to add a comment and let you know what happens.

  2. Interesting… I can see my comment on the page but it says it’s awaiting moderation so I’m guessing that I’m the only one who can see it until you approve it. Does that help?

  3. I am not sure how it works but after a few approved of person those come in without block. I really don’t think there is a need to inhibit comments from coming in because if a person comments inappropriately a few times just spam that person. My friend has a blog I never visit because he requires a unique user ID and I am not going to even try to remember it because what if it was like that for everyone. Usually most have name, email and wp blog name and after a while just hit name and all three come up for automatic entry. If you are not getting notifications check your spam box. I delete after comment and or read but if you accidentally hit spam instead of delete everything from wp will be spammed and you have to unspam not merely resubscribe. Sometimes it is a wp problem not your set up.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      i did set it for the comment going straight to the post page if they already had 2 comments approved. the problem i was running into was that there were a number of comments that i didn’t realize were there=====on various posts. so then i had to wander from post to post trolling for comments. Or they would show up on the comments page, i would click repy and type something. but it wouldn’t get put on my post page. i assume that my reply got emailed to the commenter….probably because i have something set wrong. i am a techno-dud!!

  4. Northern Narratives says:

    I moderate all my comments before posting. It’s how I keep organized because they appear only in one place (comments file). It seems to be very common for other bloggers I read to moderate comments before posting. It is no hassle for me 🙂

    • Kate Kresse says:

      that is what i started out doing–and it was really easy to make sure i didn’t miss any comments. when i switched it to automatically going onto the post page after they had had 2 comments approved, it automatically went to the post page. but it seemed to me that sometimes i didn’t know they had commented. then i had to wander around all kinds of posts to make sure that i didn’t neglect any of my commenters. so this time i assume it had you submit the comment. did you have to enter your email etc? is that a hassle? it seems some blogs have me do that and some don’t

      • Northern Narratives says:

        When I am signed into WordPress, I am not asked for my email etc. If you are not signed in, it will ask for your info. I think, but not sure, that people might be able to change settings so that everyone has to type an email – that is a hassle 🙂

  5. Terri O.A. says:

    Kate I got through….as you see. It worked on my Kindell. Maybe it was my computer although in the same session other comments worked. Whew!!

  6. Terri O.A. says:

    By the way that award is SO PRETTY!

  7. I wondered why all of a sudden people like you Kate who have been one of my most often commenters now have to be approved by me. ???
    Not cool!

    I did not change a thing, is this WP new idea of convenience? No offense WP.

    • Kate Kresse says:

      no its me. i am messing around with my dashboard for discussions. i wasn’t always knowing when someone commented once i switch from moderated mode. i don’t wknow what to do….suggestions? how do i set the settings so i am certain that i know about comments when they come in if they aren’t moderated?

  8. Hmmmm . . . let’s see. I was having problems commenting a while back (hence my absence), so I guess this is the opportune time to check it out!

    • Kate Kresse says:

      ok. thanks. how do you have your discussions set up on your dashboard—and how do you know when someone has made a comment?

      • I have it set up so WP users are only moderated if they are new to my site or from an outside source.

        I’m informed of new comments via e-mail and through my WP app on my Kindle Fire. I’m also a big fan of that little number on the main menu bar. That thing is pretty cool!

        • Kate Kresse says:

          so if you go to settings on the dashboard and go to discussions–which boxes are checked? and what number on the main menu bar?? thanks in advance…

          • Look at the top of your screen on the right hand side. You’ll see your icon and username and right next to them is a little number. Click on it and it shows all the activity on your blog as well as comment activity on other blogs in which you’ve visited.

            As for checked boxes I have all boxes checked for e-mail and default article settings.

            Under Other Comment Settings I have Author must fill out name and e-mail and nesting checked.

            Under Before a comment appears, I checked the box that author must have a previously approved comment.

            For Comment Reply Via E-mail, Follow Comments, and Follow blog, all boxes are checked.

            • Kate Kresse says:

              Thank you so very much!!!! i changed it to those. and people don’t mind having to fillout name and email, right? and you are right!!that thing on the right hand side is very cool!! how long has that been going on?

              • It’s been there for a while, but tracking comments you’ve left on other blogs is pretty new. I love it.

                I hope it all works out. Let me know if you need any more help! 🙂

                • Kate Kresse says:

                  if you don’t hold your comments folks made in moderation, how do you keep track of them?and if you enable comments via email does that mean that when you reply to a comment that the reply is emailed to them rather than going on your post page? it seemed that that is what was happening when i didnt hold them for moderation

                • On your dashboard, you’ll see the word Pending in the Right Now box. That’s where all “yet to be” moderated comments go and they stay there until I get to them.

                  I usually use my e-mail alerts as a to-do list. I keep it open in a separate window and delete them as I answer each comment on my blog. It’s probably not the most logical way to do it, but it works for me. 😉

                • Kate Kresse says:

                  i think they stopped going there when i switched to automatically accepting if they had 2 approved comments. maybe i’m wrong. also–if i enable email reply does that mean when i reply to a comment that the comment gets sent by email back to the person that made the comment and does NOT go to my post page? It seemed like that is what started to happen.

                • For me, once I approve a user they no longer go into moderation. I figure I can always switch it back if someone abuses the privilege.

                  I don’t know. I’ve never answered comments via e-mail. Sorry, can’t help you on that one.

                • Kate Kresse says:

                  as far as i knew i never did either. but i would reply to the comment and it wouldn’t show up on the post all of a sudden. I never had anyone abuse the automatic comment privilege. but i was losing track of who commented, and lots of people were commenting but i wasn’t replying. perhaps it was just me. i have it re=set. i will see if it was just my inexperience. thanks so much. i appreciate your help. and you are right that new feature is awesome.

                • You can also check out the Comment section along the left hand side of your dashboard. Every comment made on your blog is listed there, including your responses.

                • Kate Kresse says:

                  ok here is a perfect example. your comment showed up in my email. but when i went to my comments section, it showed nothing was pending. That of course, is because it isn’t held in moderation after I changed those settings. so if i rely on the dashboard i cannot tell what is new. it used to be if i hovered under the response on the comments section, i knew i had approved and replied because “approve” didn’t show up. it doesn’t seem like the color of the comment bars are different if i have or haven’t replied, but that’s a possiblity.

  9. Maria Tatham says:

    Kate, here’s another test comment. No need to reply.

  10. Maria Tatham says:

    Yes, it says ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation.’

  11. Maria Tatham says:

    No, Kate, now they’re both just fine, my comments and your replies, no ‘waiting moderating.’

  12. mommywritervkent says:

    Well i dont know much about how to use WordPress just yet, i wish i could be of some help 😦

  13. Kate, I have had sooo many questions similar to yours, but I find that every time I want to know a trick if I google the question specifically, someone else has had the same problem and the answers appear. It’s all been trial and error. I don’t know if you figured out “ping back” yet, but in case not…if someone else links to one of your posts on their own, that’s a ping back. It’s also called a trackback. And I don’t worry about Spam at all with WordPress. Askimet is a good anti-spam program. Now I’ll send this off and see what happens…I haven’t been able to follow the thread to really understand what problem you’re having. The little number in the menu is a BIG help these days! You’ll get there! Debra

  14. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    You can take off, “comment moderation”, because when you are logged into wordpress, there is a black bar across the top. On the right, the is a number counter, and that lets you know if there is a comment, or if someone has followed you, or if there is a reply to your comment. WordPress helps keep track for you, so you don’t have to worry 😉

  15. maenamor says:

    its great to see so many helpful people 🙂

  16. TBM says:

    It seems like many people are helping. I’ll give it a go as well. Hopefully you will see this and approve it 🙂

  17. fgassette says:

    WOW! Things seem a mess. Wish I could help, someone else helped me set up my blog. I don’t know a thing about how to fix anything. Pray everything will work out for you.


  18. Kate, going to email, here. Things look normal on your site, to me. See you in your inbox.

  19. Yep. Normal. Not a hitch at all, from my point of view.

  20. misswhiplash says:

    that is too complicated for an old bird like me..keep things simple and I am fine

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