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Oooo! I Can Draw Curved Shells!

As I grow and change my skills actually gain a little traction. Somehow my hand learns how to lift, touch, and move. When I took my drawing class and we were covering a new concept, I always hoped I would … Continue reading

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Sketch Photo: Homesick for the Sea

When I am homesick for the sea I have some gorgeous photos on my wall of oceans at sunset. I must clarify that those are photos I did not take. Sometimes i need more immediacy than that. I am at … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Girl Strikes Again

As I mentioned in my post on 11/26 I took a drawing class. Besides my other posts for the next few weeks I am going to post photos I took of my charcoal sketches. i was amazed that I could … Continue reading

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Stretching and Redefining: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

I have written before about moving to various cities. There are times in my life concurrent with a move or unrelated to a move when I have felt the need or urge to challenge myself or grow or change. I … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Thanksgiving

I love the pace of Thanksgiving. Some years we go to my in-laws. That, of course is a delight. My amazing sister-in-law pulls together an extraordinary feast. We zoom around the kitchen together, peeling potatoes, laying out snacks, pulling the … Continue reading

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The Joy of living Many Places

I was fortunate to move many times as I grew up. It stood me in good stead when I spent a semester in Italy in college. I bought a Eurail Pass and explored many countries (whether or not I could … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Comfort

So many people need encouragement—this time of year and in general. As is my wont, I searched through my books of quotations and my books of poetry. I wanted something that felt really encouraging and eloquent. I hope that it … Continue reading

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