Never run down the steps in the middle of the night without turning the lights on!

Sometimes the warnings we ignore bite us in the behind! Last night we were awakened by the sound of something getting knocked over downstairs. One of the cats (best guess BOGO our sweet little blue-eyed white kitten) knocked over a couple of wooden knick-knacks from a window sill in the powder room. I went racing downstairs without turning the light on. Partway down the stairs I thought I had reached a landing, but hadn’t. I wrenched my ankle — hard! Youch! After setting the knick-knacks back in place I hobbled back upstairs the best I could. Now I was angry and in pain.

When I awoke in the morning it hurt a lot worse and was swollen. My son had a fever and a horrible headache plus body aches. I figured he either had the flu my husband and I had a month ago, or with the headache it was possible it was meningitis. Not a hypochondriac, I just didn’t want to underreact.
Off to the hospital ER we both went—and discovered after X-rays that I have a badly sprained ankle, and after a flu test and other labwork he has a bacterial infection. We came home and rested the rest of the day, although I had a million things to do.
By tonight I was really discouraged. There were students that I normally tutor on Wednesday that I had to cancel. I hate to do that on a whole lot of levels. Financially, of course, I hate to lose the income. More importantly, though, I hate to miss the opportunity to help them improve. Of course with the bum ankle I couldn’t go for my walk/run.

None of this did a thing to help my mood and outlook. Yet I know I must cling to God’s promises in the face of all this nonsense. Our egos and outlooks are so often tied to how we measure up by the world’s standards, i.e. what did I accomplish today? On the surface I accomplished nothing, and we are $100 in co-pays worse off financially.

Yet I must tell myself that today was good. Why? Well, I spent time with my son today that i hadn’t been planning on. This made him feel valued and important. It helped him know that he can get over this latest bug.
He has his college graduation this Friday—and I want this week to be very special for him. What an accomplishment. I wish I could throw a huge parade and party for him, as it is a true “mountaintop experience” for him.
You know how it is when your children are little—you envision many things for them. For my husband and me, seeing his college graduation was one of the things we envisioned for him.
It’s special and so is he. So despite my circumstantial discouragement, I resove to be an insistent optimist. How does Master Card put it? Oh yeah, “co-pays $100; chicken soup $3; time with my son….priceless”.
Of course, the other bright spot in all of this was my husband. He took time to stop at the hospital before heading to work to make sure we were hanging in there. This evening he brought in dinner and boosted our spirits as well. We are so blessed by him. How do you get through days that kick your behind?

After reflection and prayer I know that “bad luck” isn’t hunting me down. I am blessed. My ankle still hurts, but eventually it won’t. I may as well keep my chin up. Tomorrow it is supposed to be lovely out. I resolve to open all my windows and let the fresh air in. If you are feeling under the weather I’d suggest throwing open the windows to your soul and let God’s love shine on in.  “Nothing is impossible with God”.

About Kate Kresse

I love to write, I love to talk, I love to uplift people when I can. I am a woman in love with life. I am a wife, mom, tutor, writer, and I am a perennial optimist. (OK not every single minute but you get the point! :-)
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