Postaday topic #1: List 3 countries you’d like to visit, and why?

#1 List three countries you’d like to visit, and
why you want to go.
This post is from 1/1/11The three
places I would like to visit are Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The
reasons I want to visit Ireland is that I am half-Irish. I would love to see
the parts of Ireland that my ancestors came from. While I am in Ireland I will
rent a cottage by the sea and walk along the shore. Perhaps I will ride a horse
across the meadows or along the seashore. Seeing the pubs, churches, and
castles while meeting the people are all a must. I want to photograph Ireland
so that I can remember my time there. The main risk with traveling to Ireland
is that it may so enchant me and capture my heart that I will be unable to
leave. I want to fall in love with the land of my ancestors. I want to laugh and sing until I weep. I want to learn to step dance—and run through the hills and meadows that are so green it almost makes your eyes ache.

Australia is the place my husband has always wanted to see, so I would
love to see both Australia and New Zealand. The varied countryside of each
country is truly fascinating, and we could tour all around. The movies and
shows I have seen about both places are chock full of spectacular scenery:
mountains, outback arid desert areas, cities, and other things that I love. It
would be lovely to take a tour of all of the areas used in The Lord of the Rings
movies and the areas used when The Thornbirds was made. I want to see the gorgeous waterfalls and cliffs. I would love to explore the ocean and land in those spectacular countries. My husband is just dying to see the koalas…they are his favorite animal!

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