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The contented soul is all alone with God

Have you ever had a sleepless night or a stressful week? I know, that’s a stupid question. I think this lovely poem by good old Robert Louis Stevenson provides an apt description of “getting away from the world” and “spending … Continue reading

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Tall ships or small ships: either way–just sail

I was thinking about the tall ships that sailed in honor of the country’s Bicentennial in 1976. I was thinking about that because one of my students is studying the Revolutionary War and the subsequent history. I as explaining to … Continue reading

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Seeing beauty creates peace

Throughout my life, when i have felt stressed or low, i sought out places that are beautiful. The beauty of creation, especially near water, soothes me when i am downhearted. You see, when i cannot make sense of things, i … Continue reading

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God Really Does Have a Plan

Do you ever feel like a tiny boat made of leaves and twigs, and you are caught in a fast moving creek? God knows how to reach you and save you. Fear Not! ” God Has A Purpose for your … Continue reading

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Seven Word Sundays

My friend Caddo has started something called Seven Word Sundays. This is like 5 Word Fridays and 6 Word Saturdays. I think I am kind of supposed to come up with (in this case) 7 words that describe “where I … Continue reading

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Be Stunningly Beautiful Today

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Take Me to the Ocean, Lord

Whew. It was a week of ups and downs. It both invigorated and drained me. I know that you, too have had weeks like that! It doesn’t happen often, but I wrote a poem of sorts about it. (At least … Continue reading

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