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Even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness!

If you have seen “Fiddler on the Roof” you may recognize the title of this blog post as a line from the movie. It was said by Tevye’s oldest daughter Tseitel’s  true love Motel (pronounced “mottle”)Kamzoil the tailor. Now why am … Continue reading

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To give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul

Today many of us will be rushing about. I wanted to share a poem with you today. I hope you like it! Youth ~ by Samuel Ullman Youth is not a time of life–it is a state of mind. It … Continue reading

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Two extraordinary friends

My magical weekend continued on Sunday. I went to Mass and brunch with some dear, dear old friends (Andi and Jerry). We have been friends since my freshman year of college. For a brief, magical time we ended up in … Continue reading

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Let us build the city of God

“Many times a day I realize how much my own life is built on the labours of my fellowmen, and how earnestly I must exert myself in order to give in return as much as I have received.” — Albert Einstein … Continue reading

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In an electronic age- build community and teach the world to sing

I started this blog a little over two years ago. I started it because a dear friend (Dana) recommended that I do so. She knows that I have always loved to write. I loved it from the time I was … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday

Sunday is palm sunday. I got to thinking about that today. Yes the people waved palm branches as.Jesus rode into Jerusalem.  Yes they laid palms down in his path. Those are the outward signs of his arrival. He was, albeit … Continue reading

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Bridges and baskets

Bridges help us get across troubled waters. They provide a great view, and can be a little intimidating. Life is like that, too. Here we are, inching closer to Easter. We may be ready to collapse. We may be  in … Continue reading

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Autumn Has Always Been Special to Me

I have to admit, I always loved autumn when I loved in parts of the country that had spectacular autumns. I love the gloriously bright oranges, yellows, and red that make the trees look ablaze with color. I love scuffling … Continue reading

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A Prayer and Link About Hope

There is a blog/blogger (Terry) I have become acquainted with over the last few months. She is a ray of sunshine, a guiding light, and a FONT of information. She is a gracious, faithfilled lady. Friday she had such an … Continue reading

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Do you ever discover you sold yourself short?

There have been so many times when I try to inspire my students, especially if they are selling themselves short and limiting their possibilities. For instance if they say “I am no good at math” or “I can’t do word … Continue reading

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Dandelions and Friendship

  A friend of mine (Maureen) and I were chatting online. We were talking about when we are going through a difficult time how important it is to have an ally/buddy/friend to help you through things. In many cases those … Continue reading

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Give Me Ears to Listen

I was a bit heavy-hearted when I got to Church Saturday evening. The photo above is not my church. It is the church my cousin Danny was married at. My church has an arched area like that behind the altar … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope 1/27/2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope. When I think of hope I think of many things. But they all revolve around the ardent belief that: goodness will triumph over evil; that no matter how dark the evening there will be light—from the … Continue reading

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HUG Award Recipient

It’s true. I received the HUG Award. What is it? Connie Wayne at http://ahopefortoday.com/ nominated me for her brilliant and inspiring HUG Award. It’s a new award that she developed and designed. You can find the guidelines by clicking on this link: … Continue reading

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